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    2021 Patriot Campers X3

    Black Friday Bump
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    2021 Patriot Campers X3

    2021 Patriot Campers X3 Upgraded Graphite Color Garage Stored Portland, OR $58,500 Title in hand, no lien The first of its kind by Patriot Campers, the X3 is a live-in camper trailer that combines our famous outdoor living, 4WD track beating, tough as nails camper trailer with an easy to use...
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    Patriot Campers In stock- UTAH

    For the X3, is it the listed price above PLUS the $5000 shipping? Also, this is the price before all options and accessories? Thanks so much!
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    2019 Ford Transit Quigley 4x4 // Beartooth Vanworks Conversion $140,000

    Still available? Will Beartooth and/or this van be at the Flagstaff expo? Thanks!
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    2020 Jeep Gladiator w/ Alu Cab Canopy Camper

    What gears are you running? What's your mpg? Are you still planning on being in Flagstaff? Thanks!