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  1. douglastic

    Falken Tires

    In case you need another opinion - get them 50k and counting on mine - still have lots of tread - and quiet too Happiest I've been with any tire purchase
  2. douglastic

    Stink in stored duffles, best way to get rid of bad odors?

    try an ozone generator, they are used to remove death, cigarette smoke, etc. I have a small one that works wonders on car interiors. or get new duffles.
  3. douglastic

    EV dune buggy

    electric - or gas - it's the hard top that's got me!
  4. douglastic

    LR3 Tie Rods. Recommended replacement options?

    A few things here . . . no, tie rods should not go every 25k miles I have had my LR3 for almost 60k and never done mine. In fact, I am only just now needing to do the LCAs I have heard mixed opinions on L8 items - some brands are unknown or undisclosed until you get them Maybe this is...
  5. douglastic

    Looking at a 94 RRC LWB... good price?

    by today's prices - and without seeing it - I would say $8k is a pretty good price.
  6. douglastic

    LR3/LR4 Rhino OX hitch weld failures

    I suppose for this board, that might be more true than I gave credit for I love my removable hitch, but I don't tow off-road I just remember reading all the mudslinging on the *other* forums about the LR hitch
  7. douglastic

    LR3/LR4 Rhino OX hitch weld failures

    um, just wow ironic that these were probably bought "because the OEM LR version somehow sucked"
  8. douglastic

    LR3 Tires

    I have 265/60/18 WildPeaks and can attest to their low noise, great wear, excellent abilities, and long life. I have over 45k miles on mine right now and still have plenty of tread left (5-tire rotation w/ full-size spare). I thought I read recently they changed the compound and aren't as good...
  9. douglastic

    Lr3 Shop in SoCal?

    Huntington Beach is not quite San Diego, but I highly recommend Abran at
  10. douglastic

    Service Bed Trailer Build

    So . . . . . where did you mount the bottle opener?? 🍻
  11. douglastic

    LR3 max tire size, if EAS fails

    Up to 31.5" for sure is drivable on bump stops 32" is the grey area - some tires seem to be ok, others not so much Larger than 32" will not be drivable w/o mods or problems
  12. douglastic

    Hiding a spare key

    I agree - stash only a key blade that lets you into the Rover door. A full key fob stashed/hidden in an interior cubby could then start the vehicle. As far as I understand, a battery is not needed to start the Rover with the fob key - the "handshake" is passive. The battery only powers the fob...
  13. douglastic

    I'm not a gear head... would an LR3 be for me?

    $20k in maintenance?? I literally can't even. Let me throw my wrench into this topic to show the other end of the spectrum. I bought my 2007 HSE in Jan 2016. $15k. Impeccable documented history. Ownership over 5.5yr now. I do all my own maintenance/repairs (see exception below). All routine...
  14. douglastic

    Tactical 4x4 armor fits LR4

  15. douglastic

    Low Profile RTT mount on an LR3???

    Agreed - lowest possible would be bolting the "bar" of your choice directly to the factory rails - Cheapest by far, too Get as many bars under the tent as you want, right where you need them
  16. douglastic

    LR3 Lower Control Arm Kits

    Good to hear. This kit is waiting in my garage for me to install. When the LK8 (Allmakes) wear out in 50k (or less? haha), I may have a shop press OEM bushings into the removed OEM arms for next swap. Rinse and repeat.