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    James Baroud Evasion EVO Review

    For those of you who are interested, I just posted a lengthy review of my new James Baroud Evasion EVO within my build thread here: Bart
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    1991 Isuzu Trooper Overlanding Build

    OVERVIEW I like to write, and I like to take pictures, and since I have never seen a full blown Trooper build on here with photos and reviews, I decided to put this build thread together. And for those of you who don't like to read or flip through multiple pages, here's a before and after...
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    Simple dual battery question

    For those of you with solid 12V knowledge about running a dual battery setup, how important is it to keep the batteries up under the hood? My vehicle has VERY limited space under the bonnet but I do have a nice space under the back seat where I could easily build and mount a battery box. So I...
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    Some general questions about running roof top accessories

    OK, so mounted to my roof rack, I have 5 Hella Ralleye 4000 driving lights, plus 2 smaller Hella lights on the back of the rack, plus my CB antenna. Here are my questions: 1) Can I combine the hot wire for ALL 5 front lights into one single wire, plus one single ground, and likewise, one...
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    Roof rack decking material, what should I use.

    Hi folks, So I am rebuilding my expedition rig. I have a nice old gutter mounted Confer roof rack. The deck size measures 6' 4.5" x 4' 4". Previously, I used plywood that I simply painted. This worked quite well, however it is also quite heavy, and after a year or so the sun really beat up...
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    Ideal amount of lift/ground clearance for an expedition vehicle...

    OK, so I am in the pre-planning stages of building my ultimate expedition rig. The base vehicle will be a 1990 Isuzu Trooper 5-speed. (Read, poor man's Defender 110). My vehicle choice should not be the issue of discussion here, as I have always loved the 1st generation Trooper's "box on...
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    Bulkhead Style Plugs and Sockets??

    Hi folks, so I am doing a complete restoration and rebuild of my expedition vehicle, and I am looking for a solution for roof-top wiring. On top of my Truck, I will have 4 Hella Ralleye 4000 driving lights, as well as 2 smaller Hella light on the back of my roof rack for reverse driving at...
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    Battery Backup/Emergency Jump starter

    OK, so I am sure there are already a million threads on this, so if someone knows of a good one that answers my question, just point me in the right direction please. This summer, I will likely be going on some remote trips with a single vehicle. I am looking for a solution in the event my...
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    Dumb Question

    Pardon my ignorance, but I have to ask. What are the wires that go from the roof rack to the front corners of some vehicles used for? I have seen this on several expedition vehicles and I am just wondering what the function is. Here is the most obvious example: Thanks - Bart
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    4 Day Trip In NE Nevada - Pic Heavy

    Hi folks, So I only joined a little while ago, but I figured I might post up some photos from this summer's trip around NE Nevada. Nevada is a vast state full of a diverse amount of terrain. I moved here from Chicago 3 years ago, and every day of my life since has been that much better...
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    Does anyone know what brand/type rack this is?

    When I bought my 91 Trooper, it came with this **************' expedition rack. I have no idea what brand/model it is and people ask me all the time. Can anyone tell by looking at it? Thanks - Bart
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    Quick Fist Clamps

    I just bought some Quick Fist Clamps to hold an axe and shovel to my roof rack. From everything I have read, these clamps are the best and work really good. I just wanted to know if anyone out there has had one fail. I would hate to drop a shovel on the hwy!! Thanks - Bart