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    LMTV 4x4 Van Truck

    How do you tell if this is the USMC version with lockers?
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    (finally) Pulling the trigger - Magirus 170D11

    Sent you a PM. I'm actually back in Montréal. (Although leaving for El Salvador in a few weeks).
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    (finally) Pulling the trigger - Magirus 170D11

    I can't quite remember. Cheap. 18-25k CAD? Not too sure. Money wasn't important. Hitting the road with nothing holding us back was more important. I maybe lost 5k on the whole thing? But had a fire truck for a year so its all fine. I'll have another truck.
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    2010 Fuso FE84D 4x4, Montreal, Ritchie Bros auction 5/26

    I'm just waiting for another Hydro-Québec 4x4 International Mechanic's truck to come up... But this has potential. But more work.
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    6x6 school bus..... Get out your checkbook

    Well, all things considered... If you find a nicely converted School bus or other vehicle, it might actually be a simpler project to put it on an offroad rolling chassis than to convert something like this bus to a camper. Results might be better too.
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    6x6 school bus..... Get out your checkbook

    40k CAD. Ouch. At that price might be cheaper to buy skoolie and an old 5ton truck and bolt em together.
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    2019 Overlander (Unbound Freedom) $210k CAD

    I do and live in Montréal. If you need help let me know. However... Most places will have at minimum one staff member who speaks English. Especially in sales
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    Iveco 90-16 camper & 1984 Mercedes-Benz 1222

    Let me be the first to say what we are all thinking: Holy ******K! I get that it's nice and hard for most people to import but damn! This one is 18k usd. plus 5-10k import... still have 30 k to play with... Ok so it's not 25 years old yet but you get my point.
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    Iveco 90-16 camper & 1984 Mercedes-Benz 1222

    Tractor trail? My google-**** is coming up short on this term. What is a tractor trail?
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    Importing vehicle to the USA from Europe

    I've done it (to Canada) and then to the USA. It's not that complex. Depending on the vehicle it might be worth doing it yourself. Under normal circumstances I wold recommend flying over to europe to inspect the vehicle pre-purchase, driving it to a port and picking it up at a port as you can...
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    SOLD: 1981 Magirus Deutz 170D11 Camper for sale - 22,000 USD

    Oops. Sold! I'm halfway through my trip to Tierra Del Fuego at this point. I'll correct the listing.
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    (finally) Pulling the trigger - Magirus 170D11

    I sold the truck as t wasn’t ready on time for my trip. I’m now on my way in a normal RV. Just drove east coast of Canada to BC and now going to drive the west coast down to panama, put it on a boat and continue in South America. Here is where I am at the moment. Can follow me here: My blog...