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    For sale XP Camper V1 on Ford F350

    For sale: XP Camper V1 on a Ford F350 Truck: 2002 Ford F350 XLT, 7.3L engine with 116,000 miles Camper: #004 purchased from and refurbed by XP in 2014 Build completed in July 2014 by XP Camper Asking price is $90K. All reasonable offers will be considered. Serious inquiries only please. Vehicle...
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    Bathroom / Shower Options for Sportsmobile

    Hello, I am looking for some guidance on this matter. I notice that a lot of SMB E350 products are not being built with bath and shower(internal) due to space limitations. Makes sense to me. We like the SMB, but my wife wants a dedicated shower in the vehicle. I don't mind getting a bit...
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    Need Help! 2006 E350 SMB

    All, This is a long post. Sorry for being long winded, but I would greatly appreciate any insight to help us resolve our problem. My wife and I have a used 2006 SMB based on the E350 platform. We have had it for about 8 months with no real issues. Recently we began having problems starting the...