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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    I believe this is a 109 I used to own....selling it was one of my worst decisions, especially after I had rebuilt everything from the radiator to the rear axel.
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    1976 Land Rover Series III 109 build "Montoya"

    Nice truck!!! Beware of that steering wheel if you take the 109 off road. There will be pain involved (and most likely blood) if you wrap your fingers around the the steering wheel & hit an obstruction. The wheel will snap back on you before you can react.
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    A (Sort Of) Overland Honeymoon

    My wife & I drove the Trunk Road in Sept 1978. I remember it as a wonderful drive, no other vehicles & great camping. I wish I could find the pictures (slides) of that trip. You have inspired me to do it again!
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    Range Rover Classic

    I have a 95 LWB which I try to keep as clean as possible. The dash for the 95's was only made for one year. If the plastic dash parts crack/break it is nearly impossible to find a replacement pieces. The 94 & earlier dash parts seem to be available if needed. Replacing the heater core on a 95...
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    Series II advice

    Check out the Rovers North site. Under the "Club" heading you will find a lot of rover sites. Some of those sites probably have a guide of what to look for in a series truck such as frame & bulkhead rust etc. Good luck!
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    Anyone know the official name of this Series paint color?

    I believe it's Sand