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  1. bobholthaus

    Looking for advice on where to put switches

    I took a Thule light duty 1700 trailer and am converting it to a weekend-getaway "expedition build" with Tepui RTT. On the tongue, I have two water jugs, my battery between them, a Yeti 35 in front of that, and a 20 lb propane tank in front of that (I modeled my tongue exactly like the...
  2. bobholthaus

    Trailer running lights on 2012 JKU not working

    The trailer running light circuit on my 2012 JKU isn't working; I tested the lights on my Grand Cherokee and it's not the trailer. Brake light circuit works fine, as do all of the other circuits in the oem 7-pin connector. I called my dealer and she looked up that the circuit is tied to the...
  3. bobholthaus

    Wanting softer suspension for my Thule trailer

    I have a small Thule utility trailer that I've added racks to and have upgraded the tires on. It's not exactly an expedition trailer, but gets used for a lot of things, including camping and hauling an ATV. It has a Knott torsion suspension that is not very forgiving at all; I've seen the...
  4. bobholthaus

    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    I am mounting Rigid Duallys in my rear bumper. I plan to have them on a 3-way switch to run them independently of my reverse lights. But, I also have LED reverse lights on all three of my trailers. Is there a way, without hacking into a bunch of wiring, to actually tap the reverse light circuit...
  5. bobholthaus

    Storage bins for rear sides of '12 JKU - anyone sell any?

    I'm looking for molded side bins for the rear of my '12 JKU, to store gloves, flashlight, etc in. Does anyone make some that fill the voids under the rear side windows? There's a ton of wasted space there that could be utilized. Thanks.