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    Pronghorn bumper’s?

    The only one that I ever saw in the wild was Chris Shontz's (venture4wd) Youtube adventures. I believe one of his sponsors supplied it to him originally. When he opted for a winch, he swapped back to the stock bumper a couple years ago. I always liked the look and utility of them, but that...
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    American Safari JXL ....non responsive

    Not that I have any real world experience with these things, but I have had my eye on them for quite some time. I have no idea how well they handle the weight or how durable things are. I believe American Safari JXL bought the molds/rights from a French company called Gazell...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    My record for a new windshield is 2 weeks. Inevitably somebody kicks up a rock and a new cycle of chips/cracks starts all over. The angle of our car window fends off cracks far better, but the hood is all pockmarked with rusty chips. A tell tale of how bad our local highways are and how many...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Love it Jeff, I'd certainly keep an eye out for something like this. Like this, I always liked the modularity of the Rugged Ridge snorkel, but after dealing with their customer service (apparently because I live in Canada), I swore I'd never buy anything from them again. The Cool Cowl looks to...
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    Grounded Overland Adventure Top

    Certainly nice to see other options come around. Now if only someone would bring them into Canada.
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    Rhino Rack Heavy Duty Bars + Quick Release Legs + RTT?

    I've been doing it for 4 years without too many problems. I have all 3 cross bars up there. The front and back bars have a Rhino Rack Batwing awning attached to the ends. I attach the RTT to the front 2 bars to center the weight a bit better. I've slid the RTT to the back 2 just recently to...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I love those Gazell campers. I wish they were easily found on Canada's west coast.
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    Rhinorack Pioneer/Backbone system with RTT on JKUR experience?

    I don't have the platform, but I have the Backbone System with 3 cross bars setup on my JKU. My Jeep is at stock height with stock wheels. I own a Treeline Outdoors Tamarack, which is lighter than most out there at around 120 pounds. I also put a 42 pound Batwing awning up there too. Cons...
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    Interesting heating option for RTT.

    I've got nothing to do with this Indiegogo campaign other than it coming up in my Facebook feed, obviously due to Facebooks fancy algorithms figuring out what I might like based upon what I browse. An interesting option for...
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    JKU Hard top - Additional gutter in rear?

    If you are planning on drilling your hardtop for the sake of the flexibility of gutter mounts, you may as well go whole hog and get a proper rack. I went with the Rhino Rack with three load bars and couldn't be happier. Very adaptable to whatever you may need to haul and no worries of breakage...
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    Project JKURV

    Not saying that it'd be all that practical for me, since Canada may as well be located in the center of the Pacific Ocean as far as getting things out of the US in a reasonable amount of time and $$, but a hole in the market that I see is a kitchen of the Ikea variety. Nobody out there is...
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    Rhino-Rack BatWing Review/Write Up

    Perhaps it's because I'm in Canada, but actually contacting Rhino Rack is quite a pain. Warranty issues are supposed to go through the place of purchase, which is 550km away. The only contact information listed on is an email address "" which isn't very good at...
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    Rhino-Rack BatWing Review/Write Up

    I guess if you are buying new, nothing to report on fixing those who have the earlier version? I knew there would be some water, but I was rather surprised how much water accumulated in there when not in use.
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Bike racks like the one you designed to drop into the receiver and hold the bike via their top tube don't work for a lot of full suspension bikes or smaller frames. I've used tray mount receiver hitch racks for years because of this. Sky's the limit with the type of receiver you've designed...
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    SEMA 2018

    I never really considered half doors until I saw these. They look like they'd keep the weather at bay as well as the stock full doors do (my carpets are perpetually wet this time of year). Next problem will be price. I'd be surprised if I could get these for under $2k CAD, considering you need...
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    good seat

    Obviously saddles are very subjective. What's good for me doesn't necessarily translate to anyone else. I bought my first mountain bike in 1986 and have been riding ever since, so I've had some good saddles and some bad ones. Anything that strays too far from the normal design (like the one you...
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    Rhino-Rack BatWing Review/Write Up

    I ended up getting one for a great price. Believe me, the bag does need a redesign. It does get wet with minimal rain when its stowed. The peg bag, the awning, everything wet. I'm putting a lot of faith in the reviews that I've read about the materials ability to resist mold and mildew. I'll...
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    DIY: Homemade Camp kitchen and drawer system build by an every day Joe

    Truly inspiring. Looks about the right level of engineering that I'm willing to take on. I already made a plywood platform for my fridge, but there certainly is shortcomings to the stacking method of cramming the rest of your camping stuff in the remaining area. I've got a roof top tent, awning...
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    JK dual swing out rear bumper options?

    I must spend way too much time on here during the day. I'm always looking for a good deal. Just posted yesterday. In the US, getting rid of remaing stock. Looks like this is what you are after...
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    JK dual swing out rear bumper options?

    It was in this forum I saw it. Only a few months ago: