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    cellphone samsung s3 vs. iphone 5s

    If there has been previous discussion and/or this is posted in the wrong place I apologize up front. Need to make a change from a blackberry (don't ask why i have it - long story). However, my short list is the samsung galaxy s3 or 4 whatever the latest version is or the I phone 5s. Anyone...
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    Intermittent severe vibration 2005 LR3 125000 miles

    I have an '05 LR3 with 125000 miles that has twice now - approximately 500 miles between incidents- started a severe vibration. It seems to originate from the rear of the vehicle. Both times it has been at interstate speeds of approximately 75 mph. At first I thought that I had thrown a tire...
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    RX330 Vs. other cross over

    I apologize for the double post (previously posted similiar ? in the wrong forum) but I thought I'd get better responses here. Why not use a Lexus RX 330 AWD vs Outback or other similiar AWD platform? Is there a major difference in AWD systems? I would think you could achieve similiar results...
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    RX330 Vs. Outback AWD?

    What are the major differences on the systems between the two vehicles? Particularly the 2005 model RX and Outback wagons? Why do I not see any Lexus RX vehicles in this category? I would think that the RX would offer a comparable platform with less aftermarket support, not that either is...