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    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    I would love one but.....hate there is no door only the ol camper shell lift gate...... If they would put in rear door with option to open whole back to load big stuff.....motorcycle, atv ,deer, elk,etc. I'd be all over it. Have a buddy who's in the same situation.
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    Mule Skinner

    Nice ride!! Thank you for your service!!
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    My blank canvas is ready.... Picked up the Ram in Nov 2019 and just got the Sunlite..... Time to play....
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    Serious Talk - Considering a "disposable" pop-up TC

    Shop around you can find some great deals. I just picked up a 2007 Sun Lite that's been stored inside it's whole life. My truck and camper cost less than the FWC shell model......
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    Serious Talk - Considering a "disposable" pop-up TC

    You can wear out a lot of campers for the price of a FWC. Go cheap and have fun.
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    97 Dodge CTD w/ 98 Sun-Lite -- Slow Build - Picture Heavy

    Gonna join in..... Just bought a sun lite Eagle SE sold as a 02 but figured out later was an Running it on my 08 Ram 2500.
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    2008 Dodge Ram 2500 PowerWagon

    price Still for sale? What kind of price you talking minus the shell and bed slider/bins? Nice truck! I've been bugging a local guy about selling me his Power Wagon.
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    I just bought an SX4

    sx4 Just bought a little Zuki for my daily driver. Loving it so far. Looking forward to seeing every ones mods.:smiley_drive:
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    Recomendations on a good 3/4 length 3 season touring jacket?

    Love my ol trusty Olympic AST...... Run a lighter jacket in the summer months. But the ol AST is always a winner. Even in the summer its not bad with all the vents open.
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    Kelly Safari TSR - Looking For Feedback

    Kelly TSR I love my Kelly TSR's they are by far the best do it all tires I've ever had on a 4x4. I'm running 285/75 x16 on my 2002 Dakota quad cab and have just passed the 60xxx mile mark and yes they still have some tread left. Getting ready to order another set to have on stand by in case...
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    2001 Toyota 4Runner Modified

    Bump for a nice Yota!! Saw him in action with this truck, no abuse, will make someone a nice rig!
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    Full bodied steel VW baja, huge suspension lift, 30" tires, Flagstaff, Arizona

    nice bug. don't see any baja bugs around here. Would love to have it but have another toy that needs paid for first.
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    Nevada Trophy 2012 coming up soon

    I would have loved to have went but it is a long haul from here. Maybe once I get moved farther west...
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    Rango.....1942 Willys MB

    The little jeep is really looking good!! It's been a while since I was able to get on here. I'm in the process of getting the D60 regeared and put into my 47. D44 is done. Can't wait to drive it with the new gear ratio. I'll try to get some pic's of it during the change over. Keep up the...
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    Rango.....1942 Willys MB

    Looking good!! Keep up the great work!! It's looking good! I should be starting the regear on my 47 in the next few weeks. The D60 is on the way, now to narrow it down and get both fornt and rear regeared. What springs are you using? I was thinking about switching over to Wrangler springs...
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    1996 Cherokee (Missouri)

    Never planned on selling this but I bought another toy so this one needs to go. My loss is your gain!!! Thanks for looking!!! Click Here
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    Rango.....1942 Willys MB

    Looking good!!!! Haven't been on in a few days and wanted to see your progress. Looking forward to your axle builds. I haven't started on mine yet. Deer season got in the way. I agree about the side by sides. We can buy and build one really nice willys for those prices..... and our's are...
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    Rango.....1942 Willys MB

    Yeah the D 60 is over kill but I have two of them located, both owned by friends which equals cheap. With the 22r I would never break anything that is for sure. Never thought about a full float D 44. Did they come in something with 8 lugs or is this gonna be a build it type rearend? If it...
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    Rango.....1942 Willys MB

    Not sure but will give it some investigation this weekend. All else fails I can call the prior owner, I kept his number in case I come up against something I can't figure out. He build most of the Jeep with off the shelf parts. Just not off the Willys shelf. The disc brakes are all GM stuff...