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    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    It’s a place I like that is nothing more than a flooded field. In a month it will be gone and green grass will replace it.
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    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    I am no longer a ground dweller. #258
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    Looking back…

    I’ve been doing digital maintain lately. New Years resolution. I have been looking my pictures of all the trips I’ve taken and thought that I would post some of my favorite images. These will be posted in no particular order. This image was on our way to the arctic circle on the Dempster...
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    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    Just paid my 75%, now to wait 12 weeks.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Sorry the large takibi
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Just got this and used it for 10 days straight. I fell in love with it.
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    Fridge Power Draw

    I may go again conventional wisdom. I’ve been running an ARB fridge in two different vehicles and have camped for days straight without any issues. I connect my solar panels to my battery, and move my panels around to face the sun as much as possible. It usually does the job. Cloudy crappy days...
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    ARB fridge testimonial.

    Cops already have the footage and the communications between my son and the buyer.
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    ARB fridge testimonial.

    In a good hood
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    ARB fridge testimonial.

    I was not in it but they totaled out my baby. I was in my garage about a minute before where one of the bullets hit. My son (without my knowledge) sold a 10 dollar pair of headphones for an Xbox on Offer Up. The person who bought them had a PS4 and they didn’t work, obviously. He wouldn’t...
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    ARB fridge testimonial.

    Fools with guns drove by and killed my Lexus 470 with 6 rounds of 40cal into the back of my truck. My fridge took a direct hit, it was a through and through. She will survive, I thik.
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    Evaporator drip on floorboard.

    I’m getting a leak in the passenger side foot well. It’s not oily and just seems to be water. My research is it’s a plugged evaporator but I can’t find how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Waiting for the light.

    I spend a lot of time waiting on the light or the conditions to change. This was windy and cold so I put the tripod behind the truck for some long exposures.
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    Latest Photo?

    Waiting on the correct light.
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    Latest Photo?

    When the water is low.
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    Campfire Shots

    Warming feat and waiting for tea.
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    Oztent RV3 tent bag.

    I love my Oztent, I can have that setup, my mattress inflated, sleeping bag in and everything ready to go in under 8 minutes (yes, I timed myself). It generally takes me longer to get the freaky tent back into the undersized bag. Other that Drifta, does anyone make a replacement bag that is...
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    Night Shots of Camp

    Here’s some from the Valley of the gods and one from Mono Lake CA
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    Let's talk frying pans

    I love a good carbon steel pan. One just needs to make sure they are pretty thick steel. Season it well and it’s almost non stick