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    Ford E350 Sportsmobile 7.3 diesel 4R100 2wd trans, adapter and t case. 83k miles Every thing is in great shape and ready to go. Removed for a built trans and Atlas t case Thanks Jake 406 two four nine 88 one seven
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    2003 Ford 7.3 4R100 2wd Trans with Sportsmobile 4wd Adapter and T-Case

    As the title states I have a 2003 4r100 Transmission, adapter and BW 1356 Transfer case with 83k miles on it from a 7.3 E350 Sportsmibile Van. This van was actually flat towed behind and Earthroamer and the transmission and t-case were replaced with a fully built transmission and Atlas transfer...
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    1997 Toyota 4runner, 5spd, 4x4, V6 nicely built

    Its been a great rig but I'm ready for something different. Thanks for looking
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    "THE RESURRECTION" 97 4runner

    So I have 2 97 4runners that needed to become one. The Tan one my Mom bought new in 97 and enjoyed over 200,000 miles of pretty trouble free driving. In the fall of 2010 it started to kind of nickle and dime my parents because they are not very mechanically inclined, $800 for a new catalytic...
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    Tacoma/4runner manual hub conversion

    I was going to convert my 1997 4runner to manual hubs but decided to leave the ADD to make it a little easier when my wife drives it. I took everything you need to convert a 95.5-04 Tacoma or 96-02 4runner to manual hubs off a 96 Tacoma that had just under 170K miles. Aisin Hubs, Spindles...
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    The WaterWagon project

    All this first gen 4runner activity has got me excited to start my 1988 project. I just started a thread on Pirate and will quote here. I have always wanted a 1st gen 4runner and finally bought one back in June of 09. 1988 V6, 5spd, Tach dash, grey, sunroof, 230K miles a little rust not too...
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    1997 4runner 3.4 auto vs 5spd fuel mileage

    I have 2 1997 4runners that are going to become one. The first is a 3.4 5spd 206k miles, bone stock, 4.10 gears on 265/70R16 tires, the body is great but the frame is rusted and broken. The second is a 3.4 auto, 175k miles, OME suspension (about 2-2.5 inch lift), 235/85R16 tires, 4.56 gears...
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    Good deal on Superduty Axles I am not affiliated, but if I was rich I would stash these away for my future U-Joint Off Road conversion on a 7.3 EB van (that I don't own) with rack, bumpers .... Anyway, I digress maybe somebody could use these.
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    I have been lurking for a while and really enjoying the site so I figured I would share 1 of my projects. I originally built a 1996 Tacoma for expo type use and drove it from Maine to California and Baja to Canada mostly chasing snow and H2O. I still have the Taco and love it, but as you'll...