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    Thank you
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    So there is a 4.5 inch round opening where the manual hub would go correct? I’ll measure tomorrow Thanks
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    Built 2013 F-350 SRW Lariat Crew Cab- Low Miles

    Nice truck tastefully built! I’m not ready to buy another full size right now but something like this is what I’d be considering. If a buyer is that worried about a TPMS dash light they probably shouldn’t be buying a truck like this anyway. Good luck with the sale!
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    Are those center caps or a solid part of the wheel? I have a manual hub conversation on my truck so don’t know if they would clear? Thanks Jake
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    Looking for rearend 98 E350

    I am converting my 1998 E350 to 4wd and using a sterling rear end. I have a full float 60 available. If you are interested please message me Thanks Jake
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    2000 F250 Crew Cab 7.3 Flatbed with a FWC Grandby

    Hey I love the simplicity and functionality of your build. I just sold an 02 7.3 F350. Great trucks but I found a 7.3 E350 I going to build hopefully this winter. Anyway, I love those boxes with the RV doors! Do you have a link or other info where to find them or something similar. I need to...
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    Getting closer!
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    UJOR Build Thread

    Love all these RV’s! What year/engine is in “The Whale”? Did you regear it? Would leaf sprung axles from an F450/550 work with the 6” kit? Thanks
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    Cactus Plastic Fantastic - '21 Ranger build

    I like where this is headed! Strong work Mister
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    New shop is pretty sweet! I find myself walking around it wondering if I really live here
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    A couple hrs closer
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    Holy cow this is taking a lot of time, I'm rusty on fab work!? I really want this truck back, i've put less than 100 miles on it in the last 2 years
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    Building with thinner tube. The old bed was mostly .188 wall thickness. I’m using a lot of .120 this time.
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    CUCV to Camper - Building a cheap army vehicle into a baja rig

    I love where you are headed with this build. Keep it coming!
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    I sold it to a friend who jack knifed his 04 Cummins with a trailer and mangled his bed. I built the old one really heavy, like almost all .188 wall tubing, planning on making it dump. Later i realized I'd have to lose my turnover gooseneck. I have a dump trailer so don't really need it to...
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    And so it begins again! My shop did get better!