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    A new camper from Supertamp

    A new design. It will be interesting to see the inside also.
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    Kimbo Campers

    This is an interesting camper that I had not seen before. I wll be more excited to see their full size models.
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    Superscamp Campers

    I just came across these. It is similar to what I had been thinking of building after owning 3 Alaskans.
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    2001 F350 with 1997 10' Alaskan Camper

    Time for adventure! The last rig I sold went to Tierra del Fuego Buy this one and see where it takes you. I am selling my 2001 Ford F350 7.3 Powerstoke and automatic, with an 1997 10' Alaskan camper...
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    Swiss Army knife ford-350-truck-camper
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    Man trucks for someone with a large family
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    99 F250 with Alaskan Looks very clean in the photos. The usual not mine nor know anything about it diclaimer
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    1992 Landcruiser VX Limited Diesel - $12000 1992 Toyota Landcruiser Diesel VX VIN: HDJ810023877 (ebay does not recognize Japanese VIN) 1hd-t engine, big / bottom end bearings just changed with new "torque to yield" main cap bolts, have receipts, injector pump was rebuilt, new fuel...
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    88 Astro ProvAN
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    91 Chevy 4X4 & 91 Alaskan

    This doesn't even look real.
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    '86 Alaskan, '94 Dodge CTD for Sale

    Ok, I promised this earlier, and I've been busy and though I'm not usually sentimental I seem to have a hard time letting go of these. The...
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    Chinook Camper Looking for a Truck $700
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    Ready for a UJOR conversion
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    Casual Turtle Campers

    I saw this camper at the Safeway in Spearfish this weekend . I didn't have time to check it out but luckily my neighbor did and found this link. It's an interesting looking camper and I wish I had had the time to check it out.
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    Biking the Canol Road

    Came across this . I wanted to do part of this road (with my truck) but after watching this I think this would be way fun on a bike.
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    Another Tire-Wheel question

    I just bought a T100 and would like to switch out the 15 inch wheels for 16. I have some aluminum GMC wheels sitting around and would like to run some 235/85 16's. Is this going to work. I guess I am being lazy and not wanting to dig them out of storage to check back spacing. Thanks Brad
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    2006 Jeep Liberty CRD

    I regretfuuly need to get sell my CRD. It's a sport model with only 23,xxx miles. It's a pleasure to drive but I just don't use it. The only problems are the driver side threshold is loose and some scratches on the console and dash from the PO hauling something and I put some minor scratches...
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    Charging Dual Battery bank

    After sitting all winter I decided the Alaskan needed some spring camping, but the house batteries were too low to ignite the furnace. They are 2 flooded cell Deep Cycle Everstarts I got last summer. I put the charger on one of the batteries and left it over night. Didn't work. Tried going...
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    Saturday Hunt

    Two guys, two dogs, 4 hours of hunting CRP on the Prairie. the following 6 reasons I still live here, [/IMG]
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    96 Discovery Security System

    I found this locally 1996 Land Rover Discovery--Complete vehicle was running good but problem with security system, not running now. Only 106,000 miles, slight damage to right rear bumper cover--MAKE OFFER!!! They said that they had lost the lights and had replaced a fuse in the turn signals...