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    Potable Water Can?

    I have been using Water Bricks for a number of years now. No leaks.
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    Anderson Power Plugs Retail Store?

    Nowadays your best bet is Amazon or Ebay
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    Enclosure box for remote charger?

    Try Digikey.
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    Cabo Corrientes Jalisco Mexico

    Costa Allegre is absolutely my most favorite stretch of coastal Mexico.
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    Bought a Clam Quick Set Traveler screen room

    We use the larger 5 sided version and have the optional wind panels. Absolutely love it. Handles high wind, sets up and tears down fast. Only downside is it is pretty large to pack.
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    Any reason NOT to mount solar controller horizontally?

    As long as the box you put it in is well ventilated it's probably fine in either mounting position.
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    Best adhesive to mount solar panels with?

    I wouldn't use an adhesive to mount solar panels personally. Where the panels are mounted on the roof, whether turbulence can build in the gap between the roof and the panel will all create forces in multiple directions, not a single shear direction where adhesives excel.
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    Easy-up alternative.

    This works well for us but it doesn't pack small
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    Roof coating on new plywood

    You can get EPDM peel & stick rolls. You can apply to plywood that has been primered.
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    Cargo Trailer Camper Suspension

    I completely agree. We're not talking much weight difference between aluminum and steel and the flexibility of steel frame is a better solution for off road vibration. Better to spend the money on the interior with lightweight aluminum profile (like 80/20) for shelving/storage/bed. This is...
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    Cargo Trailer Camper Suspension

    Thanks. I've had it for about 2 1/2 years and it has held up very well.
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    Cargo Trailer Camper Suspension

    I basically did exactly what you are talking about. I had a custom cargo mfr in socal build a trailer to my specs and then I finished the interior of the trailer. 12' box length, 6'2" interior (I'm 6'1"). It has inside a queen bed and storage. Kitchen pulls out of the back. When I had it...
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    Ford Troller TX4

    A friend of mine in Sao Paulo has one. They actually ride pretty good in the city and they are very capable off road.
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    If you did it again....What would you change?

    I built out a cargo trailer. The only regret is the spare mounted on the tongue. More tongue weight than I wanted.
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    Trailer tires wearing uneven

    Not if the axle is flipped but the spring seats are not flipped/rotated.
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    Shower floor

    Wayfair still carries teak roll-up mats.
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    Working on my Drawer System

    Looks great! Maybe you should consider drilling large holes on the sides and bottom for weight reduction.
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    Odd problem with backup camera monitor- electronic gurus?

    Not so often on an SMD assembly like the picture, but good luck!