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    Question about ATF levels and dipstick

    Maybe a silly question... Attached is a page from the FSM for my 2.5gen Montero (1998). Also attached is a photo of my dipstick. As you can see, I only have 3 grooves on mine. Do you guys have a dipstick like mine, or like in the manual? Once warm, my level is right around the middle mark, so I...
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    Looking for a mechanic recommendation in the Los Angeles area

    Looking for someone experienced with Mitsubishi/Montero engines to do an overhaul similar to this: I have the same problem (blue smoke, likely need new valve stem seals), and this work is outside of my...
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    Better roof rack using factory mounting holes?

    I am looking to upgrade from my factory roof rack on a 1998 Montero. I see a lot of good looking racks on this forum, but most are gutter mounted. Does anyone have a roof rack that uses the existing mounting holes? Have you made it yourself, or is it off the shelf? Thanks!
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    Video request - getting to the spark plugs on a 1998 Montero 3.5L

    Hey everyone, I had a youtube series of videos bookmarked that showed how to get to the spark plugs on a SOHC 3.5L (1998 Montero), but it seems those videos are taken down. I searched for others but couldn't find any. Does anyone have a link to a video?
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    Time for an engine rebuild?

    I am planning a long road trip in the Monty (~4,000 miles) and I am wondering if it would be smart to get an engine rebuilt before the trip. It's going to have to be done sooner or later right? I have been burning about 1qt of oil every 750 miles, and there is an intermittent knocking sound...
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    Transfer case and Differential gear oil

    I am looking to replace the gear oil in my transfer case and differential in a 1998 Montero. The car was bought with about ~150k miles and no records, so it seems like a good idea :) I called the Mitsubishi dealer and they told me that oil for the differential depends on whether I have a...
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    Question about wheels/tires on 2.5 gen

    Howdy, I am able to get a really good deal on these wheels: . They are the "Trail Edition" wheels from an FJ Cruiser/4runner (year 2011+). I think that these will fit my Monty, but I wanted to know if someone out there can tell me if that's correct. They have the same lug pattern and bore...
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    Maintenance advice for '98 Montero with unknown history

    Hello there! :victory: After weeks and months of research, I acquired the ultimate adventure vehicle: my "new to me" 1998 Montero (white/grey) with Winter Package, 145,000 miles. I got her for next to nothing, but unfortunately there are no records of any maintenance. An old lady drove it...
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    How to test 4wd before buying a used 2.5gen?

    I have done my research and think that a 2.5gen Montero would be the ultimate weekend car for me. I have my eyes set on a few in the area, but don't know how to test the 4wd systems. One of the Monteros is sold by a dealer who (over the phone) changed through the different modes while parked...