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  1. wyorunner

    M416 Trailer With Eezi-Awn Globetrotter TTT

    Hey Everybody, I have an M416 1/4 ton military trailer, that has been slightly modified by adding a lid, receiver hitch, and trailertop tent. The tent is the Eezi-Awn Globetrotter, which is designed specifically for a trailer. I purchased the trailer from a military surplus dealer in Delaware...
  2. wyorunner

    Warn Powerplant on 3rd Gen

    Hey all, ive decided I want this winch, but i want to make sure about the grill and how much im going to have to cut out before i buy it. I am unfortunatly not with my 4Runner, and i need someones help. Could someone who owns a third gen 4runner please measure the grill width and height, and...
  3. wyorunner

    M416 Hub Conversion to 6 on 5.5?

    Alright everybody, ive looked a pretty good amount with different phrases here and used google, probably should have kept searching but I figure someone will know or have an idea. What I want to do is run Toyota wheels on my M416 and keep the parking brake. Basically would like to swap just...
  4. wyorunner

    M416 in Eagan MN

    I have nothing to do with this trailer other than i came acrossed it in my search for some information on changing my hubs on my trailer to 6 on 5.5. If im not supposed to do this Mods please delete it.
  5. wyorunner

    My New M416 Trailer

    Hey everybody, im kind of new here but will be around for a while. Saturday the 8th my wife and i just purchased a new M416 army trailer for 1200. That price included the trailer, sandblasting and painting (black), new tires, shocks and emergency brake pads, and a maintenance overhaul...