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    Overland XJs Unite!

    Thanks for the kind words! I have honesty been trying to solve the pizza cutter steelie riddle for way too long. But I definitely think this combo paid off. The biggest downside is that they only seem to come on a load range E. I am ok with load range E for my needs but definitely overkill for...
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    Thanks, they ended up being a lot more work than I expected to modify prep and paint x5 but I am really happy with how it came out. Icons are my favorite Jeep wheel of all time especially in gun metal grey. I looked for those pretty hard at one point but never had any success. I think the 16”...
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    I finally got around to finding the rest of the wheels for my project, painting them, and getting the 235/85R16s. Super happy with the end result!
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    FJ60 Diesel Campteq Camper Build

    Wow. I am at a loss for words. Roof, interior, Cummins, you have something really special here. Kudos!
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    Where are the '05 Power Wagons?

    They only made the manual PW in small numbers from 05-08. they only made the regular cab in small numbers for about the same time frame. If you found a regular cab manual Power Wagon, buy it, they exist but are a true unicorn. It took me months to find a manual quad cab. Oddly enough, I have...
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    2007 Fleetwood Cobalt

    Such a fun camper. With one kid it was perfect for us as young family. Two kids was definitely doable. With the third kid we were ready to jump up in size. But my Jeep Cherokee pulled it so well, it was a fun combination. It seemed a bit tiny behind my Power Wagon though!
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    Questions for SolidWorks Users and/or Engineering Graduates

    I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering 10 years ago, so I am not sure about the cross compatibility of solidworks today specifically, but when I was in school design software was MUCH further along on PCs. I can tell you that in the energy/mining/mineral/petroleum industry...
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    235/85/16? Let's see them

    Testing a new wheel tire combo. Ford Crown Vic/ Ford Explorer steel wheels, drilled for Jeep center Caps. (Repeat post from the Overland XJ thread)
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    4th Gen Ram AEV winch bumper on 3rd Gen Ram

    Mark me down as someone who wants to see a 4th gen AEV bumper mounted to a 3rd gen. I really want to like the ARB, but for the Powerwagon not having a intercooler like the cummins, it just adds too much overhang to the front over the factory Powerwagon winch bumper that it seems to be a step in...
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    Ooooo, Love a clean 2 door, and that K9 rack looks great!
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    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    How have these held up? Does anyone have any updated reviews on these in terms of long term reliability? Also, does anyone have a source on these with free shipping?
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    Airing down

    Took me 4 months of a nation wide search to find a 6 speed but it was worth the wait! I know what you are saying about the shift in vehicle choices. I still have my Jeep Cherokee, every time I hop back in it after a hiatus I remember why I enjoy driving it so much. You spend so long building a...
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    Airing down

    I am a manual transmission nut, so I found a 2006 for that reason as they were only offered in the first couple years of production. I've had it since 2017. I have been airing the PW down to 17psi offroad with good results (25psi if I have the camper in tow offroad), but most of my background...
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    Airing down

    I have never seen this method, but I like it a lot, I will be trying this on my next outing with my Power Wagon.
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    You and me both! 1 down 4 to go :).
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    I have just done the one for now as it was a bit of an experiment. 16” Ford steelies from an early 2000’ Crown Vic or Ford Explorer spare. The bore is a hair too small (I mean it’s really close) so I had to clearance it a bit. The Jeep center caps fitting was a happy accident as I already had...
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    Thanks man, I was on the fence about the bronze as I haven’t really seen it on a steelie before, but with the black centercaps it seems to fit! I have been looking for a tall skinny tire for the 15’s but I had to jump to the 16 for a lot more choices.
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    I am testing out a new tire size and wheel for my XJ. 16” steelies with a 235/85R16. It runs about a 32x9.50. So far so good!
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    Jeepagon 3.0

    Awesome! Looking forward to more details on the top!
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    The $3,000 Sportsmobile project

    Good score on the van, I am super jealous! Agreed on the stabilizer though, a worn stabilizer should never be the 'cause' of death wobble, but a good one may mask the symptoms for a while. In any Solid Front Axle vehicle I have owned, it is likely a culmination of several worn components...