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  1. ramatl73

    Starter Comms — What should I get for basic comms to let me start joining group runs, etc?

    I don't like to pay the government anything I don't need to. This goes for anything. I understand the issue, but if I need to use this in real life the license won't mean squat. So why get it?
  2. ramatl73

    Starter Comms — What should I get for basic comms to let me start joining group runs, etc?

    I'm sure this will ruffle some HAM addicts feathers a bit, but I run GMRS and HAM without license - but only in emergency. I don't care what the FCC does to me if my family is safe. Outside of that I run a CB and FRS channels on group runs. For off grid communications I'm moving to the...
  3. ramatl73

    The 5th (ish) Gen Ram HD love/hate thread

    I've been having issues with my 1500 Bighorn with Off Road Package. My front passenger strut went out at less than 8k. RAM dealer said they'd replace it under warranty, but only the passenger side. No bueno! I don't replace just one strut at time, always in pairs. Here is the hook, all factory...
  4. ramatl73

    Trail Kitchen in Jeep Wrangler JKU, CA

    Just some thoughts from someone who went this route prior to having his mind changed. Max cargo payload of a JK is around 1000-1200lbs max. This includes the people in the vehicle. If you put this in your JK your cargo payload limit is toast. I would put a table on the tail gate, strap and ARB...
  5. ramatl73

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Progress so far of our 2018 Jeep JKU Sport. This is a "daily driver" for my wife and our family fun vehicle. This will be our overland travel vehicle for 2021/2022. Planning three big trips including one to Montana. Picture from recent venture to Cary State Park in Bryceville, FL. 2.5"...
  6. ramatl73

    New to me.

    Take a look at the Vortex Vanquish 3-9x40mm. It's a special run for Academy Sports and other big box stores. It's basically a Vortex Diamondback Tactical with turret caps. Has a BDC MOA reticle. Good scope for the money. I picked up one for my son's precision .22LR (overkill I know) from Academy...
  7. ramatl73

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Updated the rig....finally. Nothing crazy. Clean and to the point...except not clean in the pic. Little muddy. Added set of Rubicon rims, Bilstein 5100 shocks, 2.5" lift, and 35" Pro Comp AT tires.
  8. ramatl73

    Is my Jeep too heavy?

    Time for a Gladiator. More cargo space and higher payload. JKs are designed for only so much. When you add a RTT, gear tube, etc. your mechanical parts suck up the wear and tear. I would suggest either a Gladiator or a expedition trailer to offload weight. We have our Jeep JKU plus my RAM...
  9. ramatl73

    Want a Discounted JL ?

    Just FYI. Don't get your hopes up that damaged Gladiators, Wranglers, etc. will be up on the market for sale. Insurance will settle all the damaged vehicles out with Chrysler/Jeep and then they'll all be scrapped. Most likely all the damaged railcars will be scrapped too if they can't be...
  10. ramatl73

    Looking for AT Tires

    Toyo Open Country AT3. Have those on my 2016 RAM 1500 4wd. The Nitto Terra Grappler G3 are good too, had those on my old Ram 1500 2wd. I think Toyo makes them for Nitto or vice versa.
  11. ramatl73

    Wrangler top choice?

    Running hard top in East Coast FL. Honestly there is no real difference sound wise in the soft and hard tops. I prefer the hard top as the soft top in a saltwater environment can break down alot quicker.
  12. ramatl73

    The Official Bacon Thread. (Got your attention?)

    Bentons is just down the road from my in-laws. Benton has actually processed some of our hogs for us in the past. The best pork in the country as far as I'm concerned.
  13. ramatl73

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Pulled the trigger this weekend. Dumped the old Mazda CX9 and got a 2018 JK Unlimited Sport. It's still a blank canvas. This is gonna be fun! The 2018 RAM 1500 Bighorn 4WD will still be my main vehicle. This is going to be the family fun project and daily driver for the wife.
  14. ramatl73

    Eating crow....2018 Ram Power Wagon build

    Sorry if I'm geeking out, is that Coleman stove that's running a propane tank a converted white gas stove? If so, I though noboby had one of those anymore. My Dad and I have one from the late 1970s that we converted. Nice rig too. Just bought a 2016 Ram 1500 Bighorn 4WD that I'm working on now...
  15. ramatl73

    Bailey's 2010 Tundra w/ FWC | Adventure Build & Photos

    How are the Open Country AT2 holding up? What's the road noise like on pavement? Looking at getting a set for my truck.
  16. ramatl73

    HELP!!!! - Extended Grab Strap Recommendations - Rear Passenger Door Grab Handle RAM1500 Crew

    Got it fixed. Wife wanted something production that looked "nicer". I told my son to figure out to get in the truck (make use his noodle and troubleshoot the problem). Using a piece of looped 1" webbing. No steps being added to this truck, even retractable. Thanks, Chad
  17. ramatl73

    HELP!!!! - Extended Grab Strap Recommendations - Rear Passenger Door Grab Handle RAM1500 Crew

    Just traded my 2011 RAM 1500 for a 2016 RAM 1500 4WD that already had a lift and doesn't have side steps. Anybody have a suggestion for an extended webbing grab handle for the rear passenger grab handle? It's mainly for my 9 year old son and wife who are much shorter than I am, to help them get...
  18. ramatl73

    “One size fits all” stove/camp cooking setup?

    We use the four burner version for a couple of large group outings we do three times a year. It supports cooking for up to 40 people no problem. Liked it so much I bought one just like this for family outings (just three + dog). Blackstone products are top-notch.
  19. ramatl73

    New Splitting Maul

    If memory serves me, there axes are made by either Husqvarna or Collins (Mexico).
  20. ramatl73

    New Splitting Maul

    I will agree with cdthiker. Stihl makes excellent forestry tools. Stihl is my go-to for heavy duty work and the only option for chainsaws IMO. I will say if you can find an old Bruks log splitting axe or maul, Norlund Log Splitter (very rare, I have one and it chills at the house only), or Kelly...