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  1. ViperNL

    FS: 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure R (Utah)

    It pains me to do this, but I’m putting up my 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure R. This was my dream bike when I started riding. Owned a 950 Adventure and a adventurized 690 Enduro before I was able to get my hands on one. It’s an awesome setup and the power is unbelievable. It’s mostly been used to...
  2. ViperNL

    Lance 815 Refrigerator upgrade...

    Still going strong? Looking to upgrade our Norcold N306 in our ‘14 Lance 825. For some reason this thing is 2 Cu Ft larger but still roughly the same dimensions. Plus I hate having to deal with these propane fridges.
  3. ViperNL

    Palomino Backpack

    Hey, thanks for the response. We ended up checking one out locally at a dealer. The wife decided we should get 1 size bigger, which has a bathroom / shower. so we ended up with a used '14 Lance 825, which works great for us at the moment. Oldest one probably has a couple years before we put him...
  4. ViperNL

    Palomino Backpack

    I was looking around for something on my mega cab and found these. I have 2 boys, 4 & 6 and tall for their age. How do your kids fit in the camper, the bench seems kind of small and my wife isn’t super comfortable putting them in their own tent, yet.
  5. ViperNL

    Vintage Military Off Road Truck Camper - $38,000

    seems kinda fake, low res pictures of pictures?
  6. ViperNL

    Clean looking loaded LR3 with HD Package (rear locker)! South East

    The rear diff can be an issue on one of these though, especially the early ones, which is $$$. Other than that it's mostly bushings.
  7. ViperNL

    *SOLD* 2012 Land Rover LR4 HSE - Overland / Expedition Build

    He wants to know whether it has a rear locker, which came in the HD package.
  8. ViperNL

    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Not mine and won't work for me due to the lack of seating space, but this seems like well priced conversion.
  9. ViperNL

    Bed rack fabrication for RTT -- 06 Dodge Ram 3500

    Cool, I have a 2 and a 4 year old boy, so we should be good :)
  10. ViperNL

    SOLD: Sportsmobile EB E350 Diesel 4x4, 100% bullet-proofed, voyager top, racks

    The 6.0 has some well documented issues that the seller appears to have taken care of. once taken care of this is supposedly a very reliable engine, although I have never owned one.
  11. ViperNL

    Bed rack fabrication for RTT -- 06 Dodge Ram 3500

    How is the tent to sleep in with 4 people?
  12. ViperNL

    2011 F250 FX4 Diesel double cab w/RTT $21,700

    Looks like a 6.5 foot short bed
  13. ViperNL

    SOLD Adventure Driven's "Aspen" 2007 Ford Expedition Bullet Proofed engine

    No doubt those Scheel-Mann seats are nice, but to call the stock seats "absolutely awful" is a little foreign to me. You must not have had the heated/ventilated ones with lumbar support. I spent ~30k miles in those over a year and thought they were pretty darn comfy...
  14. ViperNL

    Is it possible to calculate payload?

    Depends on the max GVWR rating. See this PDF, third page from the bottom:
  15. ViperNL

    Edgestar Fridge Modifications Thread

    The battery usually drops under load, my voltage indicator dropped to the low 12s, high 11s even when the battery showed 12.8 not running. That's the first thing that popped in my head.
  16. ViperNL

    2006 Earthroamer XV-LT For Sale - $150k - SOLD

    Apologies, I missed the ebay link posted earlier in the thread.
  17. ViperNL

    2006 Earthroamer XV-LT For Sale - $150k - SOLD

    got more pics uploaded somewhere?
  18. ViperNL

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    That does not seem right. An ABS based without wheel sensor is much less accurate. It's more of an old style system, whereas sensors in each tire is a much more accurate system.