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  1. moose545

    Gladiator fridge location? Bed slide only?

    So finally I’ve arrived here and plan to run a lithium power bank for the fridge, recharge it as I drive, solar secondary, and keeps it simple compared to my last rig. That’s said, I want a similar setup like the Goose Gear rear tall platform at 9” tall I believe, but not shelling that type of...
  2. moose545

    Anyone using an GMC AT4 or any other GM pickup for overlanding?

    Thanks and true to a point, there’s just no aftermarket on the 3.0 diesels. Not sure what I’m going to do, good thing is I can break even or even get ahead depending what I decide. Just sucks to discover it after the fact.
  3. moose545

    Anyone using an GMC AT4 or any other GM pickup for overlanding?

    This thread is making me regret my 21’ diesel Silverado 1500 now …
  4. moose545

    Ford Tremor - Colorado overland/off-road, or Rivian?

    I just picked up a Silverado 1500 diesel/ RST. Not much aftermarket yet but I think it’ll get there. It doesn’t have lockers but I think it’ll be fine once I get skids,sliders, and a lift. I wanted a diesel so that pretty much limited me to this, a Cayenne, or a LR Discovery, so I’m going to...
  5. moose545

    Hellwig Bigwig Sway bar on 21 Ram 3500 Hemi

    It's great they're working with you to work something out. You did buy a part that wasn't for your truck initially though so that makes it more difficult from the outset. I feel your pain though; I just bought a Silverado 1500 diesel and most all the parts like skid plates or bumpers I find...
  6. moose545

    What would you do? Rear suspension maintenance

    Hey Paul, welcome. I'm new to truck/leaf spring setups, but I'd say heavier springs to start, which typically are part or can be part of a minor lift kit 2" +/-. Deaver makes some HD rear leaf springs, and I'd definitely up the spring rates on all 4 corners to stiff things up and support the...
  7. moose545

    21' Silverado 1500 short bed Duramax - Build ideas/Fridge mounting?

    Thanks I'll keep an eye out, sadly they make and have nothing for the diesels though. Hopefully that changes. It's an awesome truck and I'm excited to get messing with it, definitely a lot of potential. Interior is nice on my Z71-RST and great reviews and numbers on them. I looked around and...
  8. moose545

    Why I switched from a Tacoma to an F150

    What cap is that, does it come with the molle panels to prevent breakage and theft of the inside stuff? Nice setup (s) pew, pew ;) I'd like something similar in time for the RTT. I too have been a Toyota guy my entire life but got tired of the mpg in my GX460, fully built @11.5 average. Sold...
  9. moose545

    21' Silverado 1500 short bed Duramax - Build ideas/Fridge mounting?

    Just picked up a new 1500 Silverado Duramax and I'm absolutely loving it so far. The range and mpg are exactly what I wanted and after waiting over 3mo for a JLU that was never started, I opted for a different route. My plans are to build it out like my previous GX460 and be fully sustainable...
  10. moose545

    Why so few GM Builds?

    Just picked up a new 21' 1500 diesel so I'm pretty excited to be here myself!
  11. moose545

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    What does that button look like? I've been on the fence about going down the Cayenne road and slept on an awesome CPO rig a few months ago. So there was no rear "locker" ever correct, just the air suspension and electronic modes to modulate the ABS and off-road modes?
  12. moose545

    4th Gen TD6 Range Rover - am I crazy?

    Hey Max, Saw some of your posts over on the LRF page; great info here. I'm on the fence whether to cancel my Jeep JLU diesel order and commit to and 18' td6 I found. It's a great looking truck and has all the options I want, hitch, color, and unlike the Jeep diesel; it's here in front of me...
  13. moose545

    Quality JLU bumpers and lifts

    Suggestions? Trail Ready makes a nice product but nothing for the new stuff yet. Next Venture is all I can find that makes anything aluminum
  14. moose545

    Quality JLU bumpers and lifts

    Looking around at options and aside from what I know from my previous vehicle (GX460), I'm at a loss for know any new brands for bumpers and lifts. Bumper-wise, I really like the full looks such as the Warn and ARBs. Lift-wise, I'm seeing the usual, plus a lot of TerraFlex. What are some...
  15. moose545

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    The newer diesel is gorgeous and so smooth, but a CPO 46k mile truck with 2yr unlimited miles is criminal to offroad to me, but a great deal at $46k. It sold that weekend...
  16. moose545

    2012 Lexus GX460 - $47500 OBO - SOLD

    Price reduction to $47500 or best offer...
  17. moose545

    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    All sold out but thanks a bunch, saved it for later use. Hopefully they're coming back around and he's still making things.
  18. moose545

    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    On your site? Kindly link it if you don't mind. Great work and nice rides too man, G looks fantastic and you definitely know your stuff, spot on explanations too help a new guy like me big time (y)
  19. moose545

    Did a little 3 wheel'n in my G Wagon today!

    Did this ever come to life? URL no longer works but I see some LeTech references on the GWOA FB page...
  20. moose545

    The Jack Wagon

    I'm looking around, while selling my GX460. Still early but hope to get some more traffic on it at Expo East next weekend here in Virginia. I'll shoot you an email and let's stay in touch though