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  1. MCX

    SOLD - Yakima SkyBox

    I'm selling my like-new (I only used it once, for a move) Yakima SkyBox 16. I'm not willing to have to come and pick it up (Plano, TX). I purchased this new from REI for close to $600 ($549 + $45 tax), but I'm selling it for $450. This is a super nice roof box. It features: --...
  2. MCX

    Any hiking near N TX???

    I'll be spending some time in North Dallas for a while (work related). I know this area is super-flat, so I'm not expecting anything like where I'm at in the West. But, are there any areas to hike / backpack / back-country-camp in a 3-4 hour drive from Dallas? Anyone have any experience with...
  3. MCX

    New shoes...BFG KO2 ATs

    I finally got some much needed new shoes for my Xterra. I do a lot of off-roading and put many thousands of some very hard off-road miles on my old tires (Bridgestone Duelers). There's a ton of good reviews for the BFG KO2 ATs and I know several folks that have them and really like them, so I...
  4. MCX

    FS: 2012 Xterra front fascia, skid plate, bumper supports & roof rack

    Willing to negotiate on price, but I don't want to ship, so you either must be local (Las Vegas/Henderson) or be willing to drive to pick-up. All parts used, but in good condition. 1) Front fascia - does not include the fog lamp brackets: $150 (this is $540 new, when ordered through Nissan)...
  5. MCX

    PVC Water Supply

    This is a cool and simple DIY alternative for water supply, from XOR. The bigger the diameter the pipe, the more water (and you could always do one for each side of your roof rack). Plus, the RV filters are cheap, too...roughly $20 from Amazon. I like it...might have to give it a try...
  6. MCX

    Pics - iPad mounted using Ram Mount Tough Wedge

    I've been using Gaia GPS for years as my GPS. I've been wanting to mount my old iPad 2, but didn't want anything permanent, so I decided to try the RAM Mount Tough Wedge system. Bottom-line: I love it! I've just tested it with some light-to-rough offroading and it's rock solid. You can...