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  1. xplrn42

    Riding northern Patagonia, in the early season.

    Excellent post! thank you very much for the writeup and pictures. Looking forward to reading the tlca article as well.
  2. xplrn42

    USMC M1030B1 Restoration

    These are awesome....are you in the PDX area? Those bars are pretty radical.
  3. xplrn42

    Helmet assist - best Bang for the Buck

    Well I was exactly where you are. I just purchased an 07 KLR and went through the helmet thing since I haven't ridden in 20 years. I ended up buying a cheapo model (I won't mention brand names) to get me by until my not cheapo helmet came in. Both helmets fit comfortably. Both helmets have...
  4. xplrn42

    Christmas Valley, Oregon Military Plane Wreck

    Thanks for the pics. Finding the wreckage is on my to do list for sure.
  5. xplrn42

    FJ Cruiser Good Option for Long-term Overlanding?

    I agree, the FJ is for one or maybe two people, no way I'd subject my kids to the torture of the back seat for long term.
  6. xplrn42

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    ^^ Agreed Herbie! I use a jet-boil / AeroPress / manual grinder for coffee but for everything else I have three coleman stoves and four lanterns (Only one of each work currently) I'm rebuilding my 1950's two burner to keep in the truck instead of the 4 year old one. I always keep an eye...
  7. xplrn42

    Using Fridge/Freezer Without Dual Battery

    Agreed, no need for a dual set up. I run a Die-Hard 31m and have run my fridge for 5 days, then left the dome light on all night and the truck started the next morning. Get the best battery you can. And a jump starter. Alternators are trickle charges at best.
  8. xplrn42

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    How do you get to your Powertank?
  9. xplrn42

    Soooo....I got stuck! Any recovery advice?

    Cheers to that!!
  10. xplrn42

    Best sleeping pad

    I'm getting annoyed with the pin holes in my exped downmat, thinking of going back to thermarest but I'll try an REI replacement first I guess. I agree with Honu that hammocks rule, I slept in mine for 6 months straight. Moved back into a bed recently and the hammock wasn't working for...
  11. xplrn42

    Best place to buy ARB Awning and Room

    While I do agree with this, and try to do the same as best possible: AutoAnythiing has them and has a 20% off promo code going on.
  12. xplrn42

    Best sleeping pad

    Mine has a slow leak in it. Not happy. Have to put it in the bathtub this week to find it I guess. I used my thermarest last weekend and the Synmats are the poo.
  13. xplrn42

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Because of the snow?
  14. xplrn42

    Ipad and loading GPS Routes/Tracks

    I added tracks and waypoints to Gaia maps (only once a while ago) and I think I had to use Dropbox to import the files into Gaia. I said: it's been a while though....not sure if that works in your case.
  15. xplrn42

    great info comparing Kodiak to Kirkham's Springbar

    I had a Kodiak and there was no knockoffness built into that thing at all.
  16. xplrn42

    Help me select new tires - Which have you liked or disliked?

    I just switched over from MTR's w/kevlar to KO2's and I'm extremely happy with the decision. I had a 2" stick go through the sidewall of my kevlar lined MTR's, went on a snow run with the new KO2's and they surely outperformed others on MT's. It all depends on what your doing to be able to...
  17. xplrn42

    HAM Operators- Post up here

    ^^ That's pretty cool, I just received my Tech. KG7ZZB -Lance Vancouver, Wa.
  18. xplrn42

    Poll- Do you actually sleep inside?

    I sleep inside unless my girlfriend goes along, then we usually set up a tent. I slept in my hammock (hanging inside my FJ) last weekend.
  19. xplrn42

    Want to buy used FJ Cruiser. Need advice

    I've got a 2012, but I agree with this guy^^