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  1. tacr2man

    How do you handle your high-mounted spare?

    @Trail Talk this is a link to another Duro that uses the system of using tyre as windlass , you can see the wheel carrier and the rings that the cables fix to on the underside of the rear box .
  2. tacr2man

    How do you handle your high-mounted spare?

    Simplest method is a swing out arm with a nylon cord that is wound round the centre carrier for the spare wheel at front and rear , you just use the spare itself to roll the wheel up or down The carrier can be seen in this pic . although no cord used in this particular mount . its on a Bucher...
  3. tacr2man

    PRICE REDUCED: 2004 Stewart & Stevenson 6x6 Expedition Truck **$95,000**

    Some of the market might be put off by the logo ? Lets Go ? :)
  4. tacr2man

    600+ Unimog U1300s (all styles) ex-Mod for sale, Doncaster, UK

    Quite a few of the Duros have less than 4000km on them , and most of those km were being taken for service and roadworthy Test . Tyres are as new but old original fitment .
  5. tacr2man

    modern diesel for overlanding in developing countries - post your solutions

    The prob that is growing with running lower spec diesels to use low grade fuel is the countries that are increasingly bringing in built up area (city) emission zones that mean you risk fines , some quite high if you enter the zone with a non compliant vehicle .
  6. tacr2man

    Using 'shipping wheels' to fit van into container instead of RORO

    I have shipped a Unimog in a container , UK to Australia ,by removing the wheels and driving in on the brake discs , no damage was done . To container or discs , you have to remove mud-shields
  7. tacr2man

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Landrover have basically put a Defender badge on another variation on the same theme of SUV , a cosmetically different Discovery/Velar/ Evoque/ RangeRover . I wont be buying one to replace my RR supercharged , and it cant replace my Defender , looks like I will be waiting for the true...
  8. tacr2man

    Who ordered a New Defender ?

    Whats it replacing ?
  9. tacr2man

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    If thats the new "Defender" then its not going to do much for JLR , as its just going to bleed sales from Discovery and their other models not re-enter the "Defender" market sector , for overland , farm , commercial , its another suv clone . 😢
  10. tacr2man

    SX4 Trail Ready Paragliding Expedition Vehicle

    really interesting reading your mods , In UK we dont have the auto option , but you can buy the SX4 2wd or The SX4 4Grip (4WD) There is also the Fiat Sedici all of which are 4x4 Its a Fiat badge on a SX4 couple of trim differences , they all come with a 1600 VVT suzuki engine or 1.9JTD Fiat...
  11. tacr2man

    How Many Gears In A Transmission Is Too Many?

    Looks like your truck future is bright if this is anything to go by
  12. tacr2man

    '11 Suzuki SX4 AWD

    I have just sent a link on this thread to my daughter ,who is currently studying to be a vet , (shes hoping to go to Canada, and plays ice hockey So should fit in) as I discovered the SX4 4Grip as it is called in the UK , when looking for a replacement for her Freelander. They are rare as hens...
  13. tacr2man

    Defender 110 double cab with Isuzu turbo diesel build up...

    The discovery banjo axle diff isnt rated for 110 , the later 110 used the p38 type axle and diff , obviously modified by landrover to suit 110. Same goes for discovery alloy wheels , OK for 90 not 110 HTSH
  14. tacr2man

    This has helped me to manage my Rover Defender envy

    Not exactly Jeremy Clarkson is he? we wont mention the Jeep patriot will we , would be bad manners :)
  15. tacr2man

    Solution for glare from roof lights?

    The only reason really to put lights up high is for off road , so that you can illuminate any holes in the track , or thru floods/creeks ,as low lights dont illuminate to show the depth just a black shadow , not that you should be driving offroad at night , particularly thru floods/creeks as...
  16. tacr2man

    Land Rover 130 Quadtech Upgrade

    Very nice vehicle, just a query about your wheels/ tyre combination , as it looks like the rims are possibly a bit wide for the tyres , and would most likely make the vehicle very prone to sidewall staking , and the casings more likely to suffer impact damage , seeing as where you live. HTSH
  17. tacr2man

    Should I paint my roof white?

    A very effective answer is fit a tropical roof . They still do it to accommodation units in the Australian Outback . The little landrover shows one fitted. Its basically a sheet of ali, with spacers to seperate from roof , you can put flap vents under it to let air in /out. White paint helps...
  18. tacr2man

    Making a ifting roof on a 110

    What locks were they as looked everywhere for something that even looks like it might fit ?
  19. tacr2man

    Fording Depth of...

    Lada Niva 24" or with optional extra snorkle WOW! see here :smiley_drive:
  20. tacr2man

    First Perentie SRV in the Public Domain

    Have you got the motorcycle for the rear ? or was that only on the 6x6 ?