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  1. cbmontgo

    From East to West for a Month.

    Wow. I’ve never heard of Clear Lake. Might have to check that out. Great report so far!
  2. cbmontgo

    SE Colorado Backroads

    Very cool. Don’t get to see a lot of reports from that part of the state. Thanks for sharing!
  3. cbmontgo

    Best place to find one of these beasts?

    Which series Land Cruiser are you looking for? To me, that would dictate where I’m searching.
  4. cbmontgo

    Advice On How To Import My Troopcarrier?

    I’ve got a 1983 HJ47 (with the 2H) in Colorado. Does just fine as long as you are patient, like any old Cruiser. Mine was imported by austousa on ih8mud. He’s solid and knows the Aussie importing deal.
  5. cbmontgo

    Southeast US - Anyone?

  6. cbmontgo

    Westward from Mississippi: Colorado/Utah/Arizona

    Great trip report. My favorite part of the country.
  7. cbmontgo

    would you buy this? too many miles??

    It has factory diff locks, so it's worth a look. Those are fantastic and highly sought after. Only came in 1998 and 1999 in the 100 Series.
  8. cbmontgo

    How many here completely trust their LC 80's?

    Bought mine in 2012 for family off-road and camping trips. Has been all over the place. Would trust it to go anywhere.
  9. cbmontgo

    Southern Utah Traverse October 2017

    I'm curious where the dry waterfall was on Kane Springs Road. Is it near the start of Lockhart Basin Road? Beautiful pics. My favorite part of the country.
  10. cbmontgo

    The M~D~U Report: A Thousand Miles of Dirt in Utah

    Wonderful writeup so far. Really enjoyed reading it today.
  11. cbmontgo

    HJ47 / FJ45 / FJ40 OEM Split Wheels and Tires

    No longer available.
  12. cbmontgo

    HJ47 / FJ45 / FJ40 OEM Split Wheels and Tires

    OEM 16" splits rims and tires from a Canadian import Land Cruiser. Bought these last week from a mud member for $ 200 and have decided to go a different direction. These are the riveted style, so they will not fit later model disc brakes. Two wheels are in very good condition and two need to...
  13. cbmontgo

    4 Door FJ-40 from RedLine Land Cruisers: FJ-UTE

    Glad these are starting to become a reality. Love it.
  14. cbmontgo

    For Sale: Warn M10000 Winch

    This is the rare M10000, which is very similar to the M12000. Old school, made in U.S.A beast. Works perfectly, just a little bigger than what I was looking for. Includes everything needed to mount. $ 500. No shipping; local pick-up in the Denver, CO area. Email me at cbmontgo at yahoo dot...
  15. cbmontgo

    Impromptu Beef Basin Trip, April 2011

    Cool. Thanks for the reply.
  16. cbmontgo

    Impromptu Beef Basin Trip, April 2011

    Awesome pics. I am heading over there soon as well. Is most of that road doable for a stock rig with a trailer? Also, are there any burn bans in effect over there right now? I am trying to decide whether to bring firewood or not.