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  1. LexusAllTerrain

    2020 Toyota Landcruiser HERITAGE for sale!

    Only 2,300 miles super clean. 95,000.00 Message me if you are interested. Pending sale!!!! El Paso Tx. Location.
  2. LexusAllTerrain

    Yokohama Geolander X-MT

    My Rhino wheels finally arrived and I had the Geo X-MT tires installed in a 35x17. Great looking tire and NOT too much noise. Things that I notice right away, the bumps are easier on the truck and the traction OFFroad is the best I ever had on any set of tires. I love the look, like the ride...
  3. LexusAllTerrain

    6ft wide or 5ft wide Offroad trailer for Baja roads??

    I am purchasing an offroad trailer and I like the fact that i can sleep on sideways if the trailer is 6ft wide. Cause it gives me options to travel with grandkids thru baja. however i am worry their hwys are too narrow for my likings... Please share your thoughts as I am looking at about 8ft...
  4. LexusAllTerrain

    Lexus LX 450 wheels and 285/75/16 DURATRAC tires El Paso Tx. 79936

    I will have 4 LX 450 wheels and Duratrac tires available since I placed and order for 17" wheels and tires Wheels have minor rock rash but nice looking. Tires have over 50% life good condition. But are 4 years old. Any interest? I can sell only wheels or tires. Asking 100.00 per wheel, 75.00...
  5. LexusAllTerrain

    Yokohama Xtreme MT

    I am looking to replace my tires with these Xtreme Mt. My main use will be Baja roads. Sand and trails. Of course I will drive on hwy to get to my destinations. All my tires I replace at 5 years so mileage is not important since I do not drive vehicle as a daily driver. These tires are supposed...
  6. LexusAllTerrain

    Ironman 4X4 Flat Roof Rack

    I have been a long time happy customer of ARB. I have been looking at the products from Ironman 4x4 of America for a while. They seem to have a good value, but I do not have any experience nor have I seen them in person to evaluate their quality. I placed and order of a Flat Roof Rack for my...
  7. LexusAllTerrain

    270 Awning FREE STANDING!

    I am presently in the market for a 270 Awning free standing. Must be stable on high winds, mostly camping by Sea or Ocean. I am presently looking at Kinsman Hardware, The Bush Company and EEZI AWN. Kinsman Hardware made in the USA with 3 month lead time. 2400.00 The Bush Company made in...
  8. LexusAllTerrain

    Lightforce 240 Blitz vs Single LED Spot Lights

    I am looking to upgrade my lights, and looking at both of these lights. Does LED have the distance like the Old 240 Blitz yet? Rememeber I am looking into SPOT Distance! Your thoughts? Of course Priced under 500.00 per Pair. What do you guys recommend!
  9. LexusAllTerrain

    Breaking the Law in California

    So if I drive in California on my way to Nevada with my jerry cans am I breaking the law and risk getting a ticket?
  10. LexusAllTerrain

    Lightforce Genesis 35W HID SINGLE

    I have for sale a semi- new in box Genesis 35w HID light , it comes with a Clear Spot Lense.I only used it for 3 minutes. I also have a pair that I am keeping. Asking 155.00 plus shipping.
  11. LexusAllTerrain

    Overland Trailer. 5x10x5.5 or 6x8x5.5.

    I am placing an order for an Overland trailer and would like to hear your comments on the above sizes. Sleeping sifeways or sleeping from back to front?
  12. LexusAllTerrain

    Hella 4000 Compact 39.00

    This is my last Hella 4000 compact light that I have left, this is a driving pattern and comes with a plastic shield SMOKE to give it a Stealth look, it can easily be remove. This is a halogen light a very high quality light, no Chinese quality here. It is used with only a few minutes of use...
  13. LexusAllTerrain

    SOLD! Hella Rally LED 4000 Compact only 130.00 plus shipping

    I have a almost new HELLA LED Compact 4000 for sale this is only ONE light and it is a driving pattern! I installed on my vehicle for 4 weeks with only less then 3 minutes of use! Here is a link to amazon...
  14. LexusAllTerrain

    Want to buy, WAZAT Camper Trailer- Base Model

    I am in the market for a WAZAT Micro-lite Camper Trailer, looking for base model, willing to travel for the right trailer. Prefer in the South States. Thank you for your considerations!
  15. LexusAllTerrain

    Expedition Exchange Jerry Can Carrier

    I have a single Jerry Can Carrier for sale good condition, little dirty but works as it should! Same dimension as this Asking 49.00 plus shipping!
  16. LexusAllTerrain

    USA Venturcraft Trailblazer Trailer for sale

    I have to say good by to my trusty Offroad Trailer, With 20" of ground clearance, and plenty of space to carry your camping gear! Queen size bed and place to stand up and change out of the elements! Able to carry up to 200lbs of gear on upper shell. Made of fiberglass Nice heavy duty...
  17. LexusAllTerrain

    SOLD - Hella 4000 Compact 49.00

    I found this light in my shack, It is a Halogen 55 watts super bright and a Driving pattern. Great quality build, it retails for over 100.00 dollars. I just assembled and installed lights it comes with hella snap cover and tools. Only 49.00 plus shipping!
  18. LexusAllTerrain

    Baja - Bahia de Gonzaga

    I am planning a trip to Gonzaga Bay and it seems like the new hwy is complete past Ranch Grande, we will make a stop at Cocos Corner and would like to know hwy conditions! Also i am planning in maybe making a run to Bahia de Los Angeles and the Mission close by! Any comments or suggestions...
  19. LexusAllTerrain

    IPF 868 Lights NEW! 75.00 plus shipping! SOLD

    I bought this of IPF Lights 868 rectangular lights, because I was going to run them HD 55 watts, I decided to go a different route, I changed the light bulbs from 55 watts to 100 watts and I am also including the 55 watts, they come with covers and harnes with switch. They retail for 148.00 on...
  20. LexusAllTerrain

    Time for new tires<

    I am going to purchase the new BFG KO2 All Terrain tires for my Lexus LX-450, I presently have the Great Hankook Dynapro MT on a 295/75/16 they have been a great tire, but I am looking for less noise on the HWY, but still want a tough tire OFFROAD! Now for the 64k question! I am unsure of...