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  1. LexusAllTerrain

    Yokohama Geolander X-MT

    They are staring to get louder at 60mph, still balance great no flats...and love the traction OFFROAD! Next round will be the Yoko MT G003. They seem to be better overall then the BFG KO2. Plus I will be driving more 80% on pavement! On sand I have to airdown to 12psi to be able to move on deep...
  2. LexusAllTerrain

    2019 GFC RTT V1 for sale

    If I am not mistaken they are 4,000.00
  3. LexusAllTerrain

    Barrancas del Cobre aka Copper Canyon

    Wow! how times change...Batopilas road was a dirt road, Temoris never changes. Alamos looks the same...Bahia Kino same should had made a stop at PuntaChueca. Nice trip.
  4. LexusAllTerrain

    Yokohama Geolander X-MT

    Yes I did very noise that I could hear with my music on hwy, rocks no problem, sand ? you need more power to move them on deep sand... Having said that whould I buy them again? Yes I love their look and have them seen them around too often. Recomended!
  5. LexusAllTerrain

    Slee Off-road/OME lift.

    Just get the OME kit and be happy for another 200k. With lift the 4runner looks better!
  6. LexusAllTerrain

    3 Weeks in Baja – Surfing, SUPing and Dirt Roading

    I learned from BAJA...from you when I saw a TV report on your vehicle....just saying!!
  7. LexusAllTerrain

    2000 Toyota Land Cruiser (Central PA) $9K

    Nice looking vehicle...great price!
  8. LexusAllTerrain

    Baja Weekend South of Ensenada

    I have many times just remember it is Mexican vacation time!!! However there are miles of coast line to camp...
  9. LexusAllTerrain

    FOUND: OZ Tent

    I finally found a picture...
  10. LexusAllTerrain

    FOUND: OZ Tent

    I have a Tepui similar to this 250.00 new never used only set up twice for grandkids on back yard.
  11. LexusAllTerrain

    Yokohama Geolander X-MT

    Well I am still very happy with these tires.. I am finally going to North Baja first weekend of November, and I will be driving on Deep Sand, Rocky Roads and good old Black pavement. I drive 70 to 75 mph on Interestate they make some little noise but it is a good compromise to have a though...
  12. LexusAllTerrain

    Front Runner Outfitters

    Baja... I have always been concern using the product on washboard roads, however it seems like it has pass the test of time...
  13. LexusAllTerrain

    Gotta a chance to buy a LX450

    Great deal...