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    Considering Selling My RV-5

    I have a fully loaded OzTent RV-5 that I'm looking at selling. I bought a 20ft camper last month and feel I may never use the the tent again. I have everything that goes with it from the fly to the floor! I've only used the tent maybe a for a months worth of time. Anyone looking for one let me...
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    Sitting Here Pondering Which Vehicle To Build....

    So as I sit here in the wonderful country of Afghanistan for the next 8 months the only thought going through my head is which vehicle do I build up when I return. The dilemma here is do I build up my wife's 15 TE 4runner or my 01 4runner. The 15 is sitting mostly stock added the 5100's up front...
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    Brand new pett toilet system shelter and all

    The title say's it all brand new everything included even the carry bag. 150 bucks takes it. Located in Dupont WA. Just south of FT.Lewis. Email if wanted
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    Iphone or Ipad

    I already have the macbook pro 13". The verizon guy told me since I already have the macbook that an Ipad is pretty much useless. The cool thing with the phone is that it can be used as a hotspot for both the wife and I while on the road. Plus I like the fact that it's pretty much an Ipod with a...
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    Cascadia or Arb

    I know there's more on the market but these two or with in driving distance to pick up. I really don't care to spend alot on shipping. So whats the comparison.
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    Truck tentz

    Anybody her ever see are use the truck tentz suv tents. They look like it would be great for a base camp set up. I sleep in the back of the truck and it looks like it would make a nice addition. Want to get a RTT but my budget is not there( Re-up bonuses are'nt what they used to be). Anyways...
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    New guy here currently 7mos in to a 12mo deployment to Khandahar. Have been lurking the sight on my off time to get some ideas for my 30 days off when I return to Ft.Lewis WA.