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  1. Brandon Libby

    (S O L D) FOR SALE | Go Fast Camper

    For Sale: Go Fast Camper - GFC XL Located in Pendleton, Oregon. Description: This GFC is intended for, and currently mounted to our 2015 RAM 2500 with 6.5’ bed, but should fit other RAM trucks such as the 1500 and 3500. Condition: It is in like new condition with no rips, tears or failures...
  2. Brandon Libby

    Brandon Libby's Teardrop Camper

    If you happen to follow my Instagram feed, you may recall the construction of my teardrop camper. Assembled over the course of several months, this little guy came together just in time to make the first Overland Expo East in Asheville, NC. It's camped beside lakes, rivers and the expansive...
  3. Brandon Libby

    Factory MIL Diagnostic Procedure for 2007-current Jeep Wrangler JK

    Factory MIL Diagnostic Procedure for 2007-current Jeep Wrangler JK, et al. The purpose to this post is to provide Jeep owners with a means to run DTC without the need for a scan tool. Although this procedure is not as useful or effective as a scan tool, it may help reduce some stress when you...
  4. Brandon Libby

    ProFlex problems

    I've got a potential problem that I'm hoping you guys can help me out with. I have a ProFlex 555, an ancient bike by today's terms, I realize, but it rides as if I'm towing a parachute behind it. The pedal effort is at least three times what I'd expect it to be -as measured by a seat of the...
  5. Brandon Libby


    I thought I'd post this here just to get a reaction. There isn't really a Jeep/Mitsubishi rivalry, but if there was one I'd expect this to break the internet. Here is a conflicted vehicle, if there ever was one: it's a 1974 Mitsubishi J20C. It's not exactly a rebadged Jeep CJ3B, but it's...
  6. Brandon Libby

    Brandon Libby's 2dr JK build

    A friend asked me for a link to the build thread for one of my past vehicles and it occurred to me that I hadn't done one. In the spirit of not letting that happen twice, here is my 2012 MW3 two door: I purchased this Jeep used from Chrysler/Jeep dealership about nine months ago, and, after...
  7. Brandon Libby

    Christmas Knife

    A major part of being an outdoorsman is that you never stop learning new things. One such skill I have been looking to learn is bladesmithing (knife making). OK, maybe bladesmithing is a bit beyond my current skill level (don't expect me to don a leather apron and a pair of dark goggles), but...
  8. Brandon Libby

    ARB 50qt at OK4WD $767.95

    For anyone who is looking, is selling the ARB 50qt fridge/freezer for $767.95 with free shipping. Cheers
  9. Brandon Libby

    Mercedes-Benz 4x4 diesel review.

    Car and Driver recently reviewed the new 4x4 Mercedes-Benz diesel Sprinter van -and it's good! The test drive occurred over the MB factory obstacle course in my tiny home town of Ladson, SC.
  10. Brandon Libby

    1981 Mercedes 280GE ,Gelandewagen Petrol

    It"s a poorly written ad to say the least, but the truck looks to be nice: 1981 Mercedes 280GE ,Gelandewagen *No affiliation
  11. Brandon Libby

    1955 Jeep Willys Pickup^2

    Buy one get one free! Someone needs to pickup these ...pickups: 1955 Jeep Willys trucks. :sombrero: *No affiliation with seller or knowledge of vehicles.
  12. Brandon Libby

    1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ - SOLD

    This Cherokee has taken my wife and I on countless camping trips and off road adventures. It took us on multiple trips to the Gulches Off Road park in Waterloo, SC (one of the stops on the Ultimate Adventure 2013). We spent a week camping on the beach at Lake Powell, and five weeks camping and...
  13. Brandon Libby

    Tacoma only dealership.

    There is a dealership that only sells Toyota Tacomas in Jasper, AL. Many of them are modified, but some are not. I didn't get a chance to stop by to check any out, but the lot looked great from the road. Anyway, here is a link: Tacoma Mania
  14. Brandon Libby

    Here are some HAM Radio License Study Guides

    While scouring the web for info on HAM radios and the licenses required to use them, I found a study guide for obtaining both a General Class and Technician Class HAM radio license. I had no part in the making of this material. For that, you can thank Dan Romanchik as it was he who made this...
  15. Brandon Libby

    Cool Light Effects in the Desert

    Check out these super cool abandoned car (and other stuff) photos by Lost America. I really like the way they play with light in the dusk photos. Very cool.
  16. Brandon Libby

    1997 Bluebird 4x4 Bus find

    I found this random 28ft 4X4 bus for $25,000. :Wow1: It's been converted to a camper. I think it look like a ton of fun...or, better yet, several tons. Check it out and be sure to post pics if you decide to buy it! 4X4 Bus Awesomeness No affiliation.
  17. Brandon Libby

    Moab on 31's?

    My wife and I are heading to Moab in May of 2012, and I have set out to prepare our XJ for the trip. Since this will be our first trip to Moab, we will be forced to make many blind decisions, and I am hoping my buddies here will be able to help. The first of these decisions is tire choice. For...
  18. Brandon Libby

    Continuous Duty Solenoid for Dual Battery Question

    Hey guys, I have one of these lying around, and I am hoping that it will work for adding an additional battery for accessories. I will be powering two small LED exterior lights, as well as a few small appliances (phone chargers, laptops, electric griddle :chowtime: etc.). The goal is to use the...
  19. Brandon Libby

    Proflex Aluminum Mountain Bike

    Proflex Mountain Bike: Model 555 I have a Proflex, 21 speed, full suspension mountain bike for sale. It has an aluminum frame that measures 19.5". This bike is in excellent condition. The tires are still have plenty of tread left, the shocks work well. I love this bike and hate to see it go...
  20. Brandon Libby

    Plunge Router Advice

    Hey all, I am looking for an affordable router to aid me in the construction of my rear storage box. I am on a college student's budget and all I need is something that will allow me to perform some basic functions, ie. drawer divider cutouts, rounding off square edges, etc. I found this...