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  1. Huezee

    Two Rivian R1T being tested down in Tierra Del Fuego

    Was it me or did the Rivians just sort of disappear halfway through Central America and then suddenly reappear in LA? I was only half watching as I was looking at maps at the same time.
  2. Huezee

    WK2 Trailhawk tire suggestions

    My original tires are about at the end of their lifespan. Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement set of tires? I've been looking at the KO2's, Wildpeaks, or just replacing them with the OE kevlars.
  3. Huezee

    Jeep Commando

    I came across an interesting post on the @fieldcraftmobility instagram page the other day. Anyone have any information or experience with the Jeep Commando?
  4. Huezee

    WK2 - Trailhawk vs Laredo e

    Buy a 2 year old Trailhawk from Carmax and get a warranty. Problem solved.
  5. Huezee

    Best Overland Channels on YouTube

    Venture4wd is certainly one of my favorites. The Way Overland was interesting. Unfortunately, their journey came to an abrupt end. Live Work Wander is different and interesting.
  6. Huezee

    Any alpine tourers on the board?

    I haven't been out in awhile but I loved my Garmont Shoguns. They were light while being stiff enough for me (former racer).
  7. Huezee

    Australian and British bloggers arrested in Iran

    I sincerely hope that Jolie and Mark are able to continue their travels. I've really enjoyed following along with them on YouTube. Travel can certainly heal as much as it can hurt. It would be understandable if they chose not to publicly document their trip any further.
  8. Huezee

    Last Overland!

    The first episode was a little rough with the overly dramatic musical score and lack of dialogue. Definitely some potential.
  9. Huezee

    Halley - '17 WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    Where did you source the spare wheel? I'm trying to find four 18" wheels to mount dedicated snow tires. -Fellow Trailhawk owner
  10. Huezee

    Audi allroad RTT test

    As a former allroad owner... I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure you are aware of Quattroworld's forums. The forums were a huge resource during my ownership experience (plus a Vag-Com cable).