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    2 Owner 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD 4x4 W/ Locker and Mid camper SOLD

    I like the truck but I think its the rust and the fact that the frame was replaced, that's making people weary of purchase. From my experience purchasing an older vehicle from the salt belt, you do nothing but chase broken-seized bolts and brackets with every repair. With the new frame already...
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    I have found this thread interesting, many seem to have a love or hate relationship with the 80 series Landcruiser. All vehicles have their flaws, and it depends on what you want them to do and where you want to go. I would never want to daily drive a 80 series. My FZJ80 is dedicated and purpose...
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    ExPo 80 Series Registry

    I realized after many years I never did this, have been mostly on Mud the last 15 years. Year, model, color, etc: 1997 FZJ80 White Collectors Edition. Its a bit of a white Rhino, it's Factory locked, no port installed roof rack, fake wood trim, or rear wing, but had the gold package✨. 2. Name of...
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    "Look how they massacred my boy" - or, rather, a 1989 Range Rover Classic

    This is probably a rig more suited to the IH8MUD crowd that use the vehicles for more than fire roads and campground events. Probably a rolled or accident rig that was repurposed.
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    Build Weight Master Thread

    I think that armor/modifications/safety are largely dependent on the year of the Landcruiser. I can certainly tell you there is no crumple zone built into the back of an 80 series. The rear is simply a cover on the corners over the ladder frame cross member that is a double wall beam ( for lack...
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    For Sale: '92 Kawasaki KLR 650

    A lesser $ may be a more appropriate for this vintage and miles if you really need to sell, otherwise it may be a while for the right buyer here given your low post count and numerous KLR's in Southern California for less $, less miles and decades newer. I may be off base if this is a vintage...
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    Go Fast Campers ripoff

    Wish you luck on your business. Hope you understand why people are not generally in agreement with your stance. People as well as businesses are hurting from Covid. I would like to see if GFC has anything to add to this discussion. I read their terms, seems potentially in conflict with consumer...
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    Go Fast Campers ripoff

    Since you are complaining about the company even as you defend it for being condemned for its customer service, and since you "build this stuff", perhaps you can share your business name so the consumer can decide if they like your approach and want to do business with you. 👎
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    $110k 4runner

    Now this is some funny commentary. Not what I usually see on here. $70-80K may not be that far off for someone who wants new and doesn't want to baseline and repair an old rig and wants it now. How does the saying go "it's worth what someone wants to pay". Hope someone pays a fair price and is...
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    FJ80 wheel and slider recommendation

    I would check the 80 section on IH8MUD. There are numerous options for sliders, metal tech, slee off road, etc. As far as wheels, I would stick with the 80's wheels, they are forged and solid as can be. If going for looks, you will not get as good a wheel without spending a lot of money and need...
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    Besides MaxTraxx, what traction boards/mats do you use?

    I agree, I have used floor mats and carpet succefully in combination with shovels and jacks, since most of my stuck situations involve sand or mud in Sothern California and Baja. We all already carry too much junk bolted to our vehicles as it is, most seem to be for looks and never get used. I...
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    Going today to look at a FZJ80... need suggestions

    No TRD in any landcruisers. Just a slapped on emblem, unless it came with a supercharger, then that would be a major score.
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    looking for a Fjz80 , $8900 for lx450 ?

    Read up on IH8mud lots of good info, and check slees sight for buyer info. 94 and earlier have different motor and transmission, head caskets are more of a problem on the 95-7, however some have well over 200K with no work, Maintenance records are key here. I would avoid the ones that need work...
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    4 Door FJ-40 from RedLine Land Cruisers: FJ-UTE

    Hood The hood does look out of proportion loosing the FJ40 identity, looks more like a 70's dodge pickup hood.
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    Mauka2Makai - Our Quest Begins...An 80 Series Adventure

    I have been meaning to ask, how are the seat covers working out over time? I am thinking of going this route, new leather is not in the budget at this time for me.
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    Mauka2Makai - Our Quest Begins...An 80 Series Adventure

    Looks like a port a john was added recently at the geologist cabin in DV and good to see the tortious shell I found while wondering the hills nearby is still on the mantel. Looking forward to heading here again in a couple weeks, didn't see a sole for 3 days. Good luck in Florida.
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    need information regarding LC 100 & 80

    With money With money and time anything is possible, but I would think it would require significant modification. I would check IH8MUD, but I do not recall hearing of this swap, it's mostly putting a 100 motor into an 80 or puting 80 front suspension on a 100.
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    lockers front and rear needed?

    Video responce In regard to the video you posted with the cruisers climbing the hill, I think it may be more of tire choice issue as well. The first run had street tires with locker, the second had slightly more aggressive street tires with a-trac and the last with duel-purpose tires with...
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    Iron Pig I have the iron pig off road with integrated tow point, you could even bolt up the factory tow bar below if needed as an option without the integrated tow point. It towed my fully loaded pop up 2100 lbs no problem. From the design thickness of steel, welding and hardware it seems more...
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    80 series front brake refresh

    Air impact and press No amount of hammer blows would losen the rotor from the hub on mine, and it took a good air impact wrench to get it loose and a press to remove.