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    Battery charger or tender choices? Simple?

    I have a 2022 FWC, looking to add some type of charger or tender to my 2x6v lithium batteries while on duty at fire station. Any ideas or simple plug in play units you have all used? NOCO makes some but don’t know if it will be enough or somewhat quick during my 48hr shift. thanks love to hear...
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    Ford back up camera extension for camper factory fit

    Extended back up camera for ford pick ups. Attach to any camper. Works with factory harness. It’s awesome. Original is $275 price$160 Zach 316-258-8989
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    Ford 250/350 back up camera for truck camper Plug play

    Extended back up camera for ford pick ups. Attach to any camper. Works with factory harness. It’s awesome. Original is $275 price$160 Zach 316-258-8989
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    Springfield 12-28in telescoping table mount

    New never used.. retail is $450 I’ll let it go for $250. I’m in Denver and Buena vista. works great no need for my build thanks Zach Text or call 316-258-8989
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    FWC camper mattress upgrade

    Any ideas or recommendations for upgraded mattress to a Hawk. thought about 2in memory foam, but be nice if there was a one piece alternative. Thanks Zach
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    Hallmark Guanella truck camper SOLD

    2009 Hallmark Guanella One piece fiberglass roof HD Manual super lift Soft Wall with winter window covers Exhaust fan LED interior lights Fiberglass and wall look new Tie downs included Interior in great condition Underbed storage 12V Battery Off shore power with battery Charger Water Tank and...
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    2000 7.3 Ford Diesel SOLD

    Hi Everyone, Looking to sell My rig. It has been great, but my new job is taking me off the road. Truck and camper are a great match. Truck is set up Perfect with the new gearing and suspension. Has all the power needed and climbs hill better than stock. Transmission temps barely move and...
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    Ford Swing rear bumper VAN/Truck same???

    Came across a good deal on a E350 rear bumper tire carrier. You all know if the F-350, and van can share the same rear bumper? Same chassis I believe. Thanks Zach
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    Sold…..2015 FORD F350 W/ Fourwheel Camper HAWK 4.56 NITRO GEARS ARB LOCKER READY TO ROLL!!

    I am selling my 2015 F-350 6.2 gas with 2019 Fourwheel Camper Hawk. Both are in great condition. Camper is clean almost brand new in its condition. Wanting sell as a pair for now. I will list below about both. Ford has been completely redone to last for longevity. Everything has been replace to...
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    Custom shell for flatbed or 4wd adventure trailer build

    condition: like new make / manufacturer: Alumline Selling a started project. This was originally for my custom flatbed. This is a custom alumline welded topper. Very light weight. It would good between toolboxes or turned into a custom 4x4 trailer. Cut outs would fit tool boxes or even have room...
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    Which timbren axle 2000 or 3500

    My trailer with gear will be right at 1800... is the 2000lb the best fit or would 3500 be to much and make it bounce on road? Curious what you all have decided. Going to 3500 hubs but would like a soft ride
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    Hub size for wheel with timbren axle and hubs

    Having a custom trailer built.. curious what hub pattern you all have chosen to fit an aftermarket rim and bigger tire. Doing the timbren axle less axles but curious what hub you choose to best fit Offroad wheel tire combo. thanks Zach
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    Custom tool box maker?

    Looking for custom size tool boxes for my flatbed.. anyone have any recommendations or who you have used? Thanks Zach
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    Custom tool box builder?

    Have flatbed for my hallmark.. looking for someone to make custom size tool boxes. Any one have recommendations from a certain company and why? thanksZach
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    BlancaTantonka build.. question for the 6.2 Ford guys

    Hi guys.. new truck is coming along. Sold the tundra for a better carry capacity. Tundra was smooth runner, but to much flex and didn’t like the camper on there. Bought a 2015 F350 6.2. Goal is a flatbed with tool boxes with my hallmark. List right now done is Icon 2.5 4.56 nitro arb lockers...
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    Add a leaf or block for rear height fix?

    Hey guys just purchased an 2015 6.2 f 350. So far love it. Miss the tundra comfort but this truck carries the weight so much better. I installed a icon 2.5 lift in front but have not touched the rear. The rear needs to come up about 2in with the weight of my hallmark in the bed. Camper will be...
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    Who makes the best custom toolboxes?? Slide along camper

    Bought a flatbed... looking for boxes along my slide in hallmark. Who makes the best custom size for tool boxes? Love to hear people’s recommendations
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    2015 f 250 lift ideas anyone?

    Sold the tundra and looking into a good lift kit for ford. Wanting 37in tires and going to be carrying weight of my hallmark camper. I will be regearing also. Anyone on here have any recommendations or choices they have used? thanks Zach
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    2016 Tundra ARB Camper setup 100,000 mile Toyota Warranty

    I am selling my 2016 Toyota Tundra SR5. It has been upgraded to fit a slide in camper and also upgraded to perform Offroad as well. It an awesome truck with lots of compliments. I am sad to sell but need to move on. I love the Toyota dependability. Truck has 48,000 miles on it with new lift and...
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    Which AGM batteries for solar?

    My batteries on my Hallmark are at the 5yr mark and need upgrade. Been out of knowledge game for awhile and what is hip. Don’t want lithium because of all that I would have to upgrade. What brand do you all recommend these days?