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  1. Ala5ka

    I’m departing for Tuktoyaktuk soon.

    Need somewhere to stay near Anchorage? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ala5ka

    Roof Top Tent: Take me to school

    Tepui Ayer because it was the smallest available at the time and only brand sold in Alaska. Stuff broke on it and the owner personally helped me repair it in Santa Cruz. (Just general wear and tear) doing it all over again I'd go with a hard shell like an Airtop or something that packs faster.
  3. Ala5ka

    Wheels, winches, drawers, and sand mats? Ya we got em

    Pm me I am interested in a drawer
  4. Ala5ka

    Cross country from Norfolk to Seattle, sitting in my 01 Isuzu Vehicross

    Why did I not know about this? Have I been under a rock!
  5. Ala5ka

    99 V-Cross blown motor

    Or it's an opportunity for a...DIESEL SWAP! Go yellow my friend :)
  6. Ala5ka

    Roof Top Tents on Smaller Vehicles

    Tepui Ayer on an Isuzu VehiCROSS Tepui may not be the best, but when I came off the AlCan and the Cassiar Highway Tepui fixed everything that went wrong right in their shop and threw in some extra goodies. It's seen -20f, 110f, 12" rain in one night, and held a snow $900 (after...
  7. Ala5ka

    99 V-Cross blown motor

    The problem is the small oil ports on that 3.5 (I have an ExPo VX) if it gets rebuilt they should open those guys up and you'll never have that problem again.
  8. Ala5ka

    Post your tents

    I know it's cheap but it was the smallest I could find in Alaska, has held up to everything the West coast could throw at it including a typhoon and 12" of rain, desert temps in Baja, and -20 Alaskan winters...not bad for $750
  9. Ala5ka

    Black Footed Ferrets! AZGFD Capture

    Officer Nichols responding to a report of men with guns in a field, ended up taking Franklin because there was still flesh present. Ended up leaving us with a new friend, good p-dog tips, and flattered he wanted my autograph after recognizing me from my reality TV show (Wild West Alaska Animal...
  10. Ala5ka

    Black Footed Ferrets! AZGFD Capture

    As goodtimes said we did not really have too much time to stop, prep GoPros and take pictures while we were out at night so there are no ferret capture videos or even pictures of our prized little critters but there are plenty of others. We found 8 ferrets as a group, got shot by a rogue skunk...
  11. Ala5ka

    Black Footed Ferrets! AZGFD Capture

    Thanks for the advice, I haven't been up all night since college. I think I will consist on a diet of smokeless tobacco, caffeine, and beef but I couldn't find any cocoa leaves :/
  12. Ala5ka

    Black Footed Ferrets! AZGFD Capture

    Sorry about the big pics Yeah you heard it, I will be heading to Seligman AZ tomorrow to help capture tag and release black footed ferrets of which there roughly 1000 wild left in 8 wild breeding colonies. Now I like ferrets as much as the next guy (not that much) but I was promised fine PDog...
  13. Ala5ka

    looking for an expedition car/wagon/small suv.

    I like my Vehicross but it has shortcomings lack of head space, no cup holders, only about 18mpg, some have oil burning issues lack of body parts. All in all though wouldn't have picked anything different. Drove from Ak to Az along the PCH in 3 weeks no hiccups. Incredibly nimble, capable, and...
  14. Ala5ka

    adventure motorcycle show on netflix

    The books were good, I got to play with Boorman's front wheel from LWR at the motorcycle shop in Anchorage. LWD is definitely a happier feeling trip
  15. Ala5ka

    Speedy recovery Agavelvr.

    Get better soon, the guys with us were top notch they helped me out earlier in the day
  16. Ala5ka

    Always Wear Your Gear

    I went out to the desert this last weekend, tried powering through a sandy wash and got thrown at about 40 mph. Long story short broken collar bone and separated shoulder. It could have been a lot worse. I'm convinced God and my gear saved me. Have a good helmet on all of the time and full...
  17. Ala5ka

    VehiCROSSAmerica AK to AZ

    Stopped in Whitehorse to enjoy the Yukon a little. Snowed on us in destruction bay, roof tent was very cold
  18. Ala5ka

    VehiCROSSAmerica AK to AZ

    We are heading out tomorrow morning to start our 5k mile trip down the west coast to San Diego so we can eventually wind up in Phoenix. This year is a primer for next years trip up and down the east coast. You can check this thread for semi real time updates when we have internet. If you live...
  19. Ala5ka

    OPERATION: Overland VEHIcross

    So we have decided not to wait till April and we are leaving on Friday! Vinyl wrap won't make it fast enough, so we've done some crappy vinyl stickers ditched the trailer packed everything inside everything is pretty rag tag but our journey this year is going to take us at least 5K miles before...