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    4x4 1998 Ford E-350 XLT for sale in Denver, CO

    Hi all! Just got the word yesterday that I will be officially moving to the Washington, DC area from Denver, CO! Unfortunately, this means I will need to sell this awesome overlanding rig I have had the pleasure of using over the past year... :cry: Brief Info: 1998 Ford E-350 Club Wagon Gas...
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    Denver area custom seat base fabricators?

    Hey all, Was wondering if anyone know of any metal fabricators in the greater Denver area that could help me out? I am trying to replace a rear OEM seat in my 1999 Ford e350 passenger van with a rear Tahoe seat so that I the seats have headrests and can fold forward. I had originally intended...
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    Fold forward bench seat, ford e350 passenger van?

    Howdy all! Got a project van I am working on and had a quick question for the collective minds on the forum! I was curious if anyone knew of either an aftermarket passenger bench seat that folds the back forward, or any ideas on how to modify an OEM bench seat to do so? I’m ~6ft tall and my...
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    Biting the bullet, need advice!

    Howdy folks, Tomorrow I am checking out a used 2003 e350 XLT passenger van with a 5.4l v8 engine. It seems like a fair price and in decent shape. I was wondering what those on the forum knew about this model ford van before I put money down. That is, any things I should be aware of...
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    Indecisive New Member

    Hey Everyone! I am a long timer lurker and wanted to introduce myself to hopefully avail myself of the communities wisdom. This forum has been an awesome resource and the amount of people dedicated to sharing their experiences overlanding is really incredible and appreciated! I'm currently...