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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    I have been reading through all the posts on this thread. Thank you jscherb for making this such a spendy read. My only complaint is that there does not appear to be anyone that picked up on offering the “Barn door” in kit form yet. I have enjoyed the read and would like to thank jscherb for...
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    Is anyone else waiting on a trailer from Four Leaf Clover Fab?

    I put an order in on 04/05/21. It was delivered on 4/11/22. Covid was one of many factors. Simon did not have to drive 13 hours to deliver ( I had planned on driving up to pick it up). Yes he could do a better job of communicating and keeping customers informed. Updates with photos would be most...
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    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    I may not have tried them all, but I was well on my way when I tried the aero press. The best way I like it is to fill a Yeti 20oz cup with water and pour it in the pot to boil. Take a filter and get it wet before putting in the aero press. The press fits the Yeti without the wobbly adapter. Put...
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    Four Leaf Clover Trailer Builds and Ideas

    Looking good. Mine should be completed this month. Really looking forward to putting it to use.
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    Recommend a great, not just good, first aid kit.

    Before you spend money on a kit, take a good first aid course as previously suggested. Then get a good basic kit and make sure it has room for the additional supplies to make it a great kit. Check the expiration dates on everything before you buy. Some of the “bargains” you may find may expire...