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  1. thobert

    SOLD - SF Bay Area - Eezi-Awn Globe Trotter RTT/Trailer Tent - $1500 OBO - Local Pickup

    This tent is in great shape and is designed specifically for expedition trailers with the annex walls designed for an optimal mounting hight of 66 inches. This tent was discontinued in 2005, but includes all original items: Tent, annex, floor, stakes. I love this tent, but no longer need...
  2. thobert

    For Sale - San Jose CA - Snowpeak Takibi Firepit and Grill - $200 - Local Pickup Only

    This stainless steal fire pit and grill is well made and in excellent condition. The five-piece set includes Grill Net, Grill Bridge, Pack & Carry Fireplace L, Baseplate, and Carrying Case. Fire pit used maybe 5 times; grill never used. I paid $349 for it, but I'm going to different direction...
  3. thobert

    OFF Market - WTB AT Overland Chaser Off-road Trailer - NorCal

    Located in the San Francisco Bay Area.