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  1. T815

    TATRA TerrN0 4x4 FS

    Help me save this Tatra from the Scrap Yard Crusher, enable someone else in NA to have the unique opportunity to have Tatra 4x4 Dakar Rallye Raid type chassis would make an awesome Expedition Camper, this is not a scam I not after free hand outs just a short term investment with return...
  2. T815

    Save the TATRA Please share help me save this chassis from the scrap yard crusher, no hand outs just short term help with return
  3. T815

    Tatra T815 my saga ...,

    After much mental deliberation and first hand experience with Ex Nato / Eastern Block military trucks I set about searching for a suitable Tatra, with the ultimate goal of exploring Siberia - Kamchatka regions of Russia. I dismissed the much loved T813 as being too old and less reliable, so that...