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  1. Hyperdrive

    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Posting for a good friend. I have personally driven the van and it drives very well and is a sweet platform. Below is the craigslist ad.
  2. Hyperdrive

    Expovans Transit 4x4 Conversions Here is a link to the page update.
  3. Hyperdrive

    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Shenrie, TNT pulls the parts for you. I went to the Garden City Jalopy Jungle and all of the E-Series were pretty beat up.
  4. Hyperdrive

    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Madmax321, There is a Grey van at TnT Auto salvage that is in decent shape. I just got the rear doors off of it. Did not look at the barn doors, but might be worth a look.
  5. Hyperdrive

    Off market temporarily...Sportsmobile 03 7.3 power stroke 42,000 original

    Is this still for sale? Your phone has no voicemail? Is that the right number? Let me know the best way to get ahold of you. Thanks!
  6. Hyperdrive

    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Aluminess Roof Rack For Sale SOLD Aluminess rack, double loop standard profile. Loop is 5" tall and rack in 11 ft. long. Perforated aluminum floor (3/8 inch) 4 Crossbars. Negotiable - Fiamma f45 Adapter Brackets. Minor scratches on drivers rear corner. DaKine Pads and Maxtrax in the...
  7. Hyperdrive

    I'M BATVAN! ...a 2006 E350 V10 DIY Ujoint Conversion

    The Pop Top looks so good on your van. Great job.
  8. Hyperdrive

    Not So Subtle E350 Shuttle - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    It is so interesting to see people have issues with conversions and then a ton of people have great driving rigs with zero issue. I have over 20,000 miles on my MG/Expo Coil Conversion. 8,000 this winter on a trip through Mexico on some awful roads and wonderful dirt where to be honest we...
  9. Hyperdrive

    UJOR Build Thread

    I wonder what is creating the issue on the vans you are talking about. I have 15,000 miles on my coil kit and it drives like a dream. Currently we are in Mexico where hitting 1 foot potholes at 70mph is not uncommon. Super happy with my kit.
  10. Hyperdrive

    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Does that mean your top is on?
  11. Hyperdrive

    Fred the Van. The More We Explore's Adventure Van Build Thread

    Nice! That is my commute home, I love that drive. And yes, the worst year for bugs I can ever remember. If you get to Stanley or hit McCall again, look me up. I would love to show you around.
  12. Hyperdrive

    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Does anyone know the differences in the EB vs RB Penthouses? Length and that is it or would there be mounting issues using a RB top on a EB?
  13. Hyperdrive

    The Rig Runner ...a 2010 E350 5.4 DIY Coil Conversion

    5K on mine and no wobble. Drives dreamy.
  14. Hyperdrive

    MG Metalworks Van Build

    An elegant solution to a big problem. Love it.
  15. Hyperdrive

    MG Metalworks Van Build

    Nice MG! Glad you figured it out and will get to really drive that thing.
  16. Hyperdrive

    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Nice Josh! Lets see a pic of the inside.
  17. Hyperdrive

    Hyperdrive build - 6" Expovans conversion

    I think if you get the right stuff it will mount seats fine. Think of the track used in the avation or in wheelchair applications. We plan to have a house battery and furnace. MG plummed the line from the tank in preparation. I don't know anything about wiring so I will try and screw it up...
  18. Hyperdrive

    Hyperdrive build - 6" Expovans conversion

    Would love to meet you guys. Same goes for you guys if you are up in McCall or Stanley. I will drop by and say hello next time I am in Boise.
  19. Hyperdrive

    Hyperdrive build - 6" Expovans conversion

    Thanks, certainly have learned a bunch from your build out. Would love to see it sometime.