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  1. Shlaytim

    "Portable" pull-out kitchen or chuck box for back of trailer?

    Am I the only one who can't see Herbie's pictures? the concept sounds awesome, just want to see how it was executed. Thanks
  2. Shlaytim

    Ozark Trail "High Performance" cooler - any good?

    I got took! Things didn't go so well with, they seemed legit but things aren't always what they appear to be. Tracking number was fake and the third party shipping company was also fake. So I am out almost $300 until paypal refunds my account and I feel like an idiot for posting...
  3. Shlaytim

    Mid-priced seat covers?

    I used the Trail gear ones in my 06' Ford van for a while, didn't last as long as I would have hoped, but did the job for the price until the Arizona sun finally did them in, about a year and a half. I decided to spend a few extra bucks and get ones from a company called Dash Designs, they are...
  4. Shlaytim

    Ozark Trail "High Performance" cooler - any good?

    Not yet, they got shipped out on Friday(9/23). The third party shipping company processed everything and gave me the tracking numbers and I guess according to Fedex tracking, they are in transit expected for delivery this Friday(9/30). They must use the same third party Walmart uses when you...
  5. Shlaytim

    Ozark Trail "High Performance" cooler - any good?

    I received the same email, and refund from Paypal, only difference is I ordered both the 73 and the 52 quart, the 73 processed fine, it was the 52 that got bumped out. noticed the seller was different for the 73, ordered the 52 from the same seller. Checked my email this morning, have tracking...
  6. Shlaytim

    Ozark Trail "High Performance" cooler - any good?

    Forgive my ignorance, but why does using Paypal or bitcoin present a red flag? I've used Paypal for years hassle free.
  7. Shlaytim

    Ozark Trail "High Performance" cooler - any good?

    Hello all, just wanted to pass along to everyone here on Expo a little tid bit on getting one of these coolers. Go to, it is walmarts hidden web site I guess, anyways type "ozark trail 73 quart cooler" in the search bar, when it pops up it will show $194.00, click on add to...
  8. Shlaytim

    Can you identify these seats?

    from a Ford windstar(mini van)
  9. Shlaytim

    10K for an Expedition Trailer? Not in the budget, Custom Exp Trailer to follow...

    I live here in Phoenix as well & I use Glendale Powder Coating. They are awesome to deal with, priced right, and quick turn around times. We have used them for years and never had a single issue.
  10. Shlaytim

    G500 interior cabinet build

    That is awesome! Love the idea and the layout. Having access from the side panels and the rear is pure genius. I wish I could replace the rear windows in my Ford van, because I would totally copy your idea:sombrero:. Great work and I cant wait to see the finished product!
  11. Shlaytim

    Slide-out in a Van

    how about something like these I know its not a side slide out but this would be the best option that does not effect integrity of the van body.
  12. Shlaytim

    storage pack for spare wheel well in trunk?

    I was at the Sportsmans Warehouse yesterday looking around and while in the cooking equipment area I saw a bag designed for dutch ovens to fit into. This got me thinking one could easily fit this inside the wheel area. They were like $20 iirc and seemed very well made.Only downside was no...
  13. Shlaytim

    The Perfect Vehicle-Mounted Medical/First Aid Bag

    This is one I have mounted on the back door of my van. I picked it up at army surplus store for $24 packed with first aid stuff.
  14. Shlaytim

    CrabbyMcNab's Adventure with Blunderbuss

    I went with, got the lifetime warranty and couldnt be happier. I had them do the Atlas 40 tune as well. bknudtsen's write up on Vandiana is what sold me(thanks for that by the way bk:)) Ran my van for a month with out my tuner installed, does great, quicker out of the hole, very...
  15. Shlaytim

    cobra_4's 2011 Liberty KK Build/Trip Log Thread

    Your headlights being foggy is a easy fix and cheap too! get a can of OFF Deep woods bug spray with deet 30 or higher, a old sock or soft rag, spray the lens with the OFF and buff out with the sock/rag. A buddy of mine had heard this from a guy at Autozone, who is a retired science teacher, and...
  16. Shlaytim

    1976 Scout Traveler, Ultimate Expedition Build

    any updates:coffeedrink:?
  17. Shlaytim

    94 e150 questions

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I was in the same boat as you a while back. I have a 92 E-150 conversion van and a 94 club wagon that i wanted to pull the 460 from the 94 and stuff it in the 92, but no dice! The frame size on the 1 ton van is a inch and a half, almost two inches bigger in some...
  18. Shlaytim

    Help me convince my wife!

    :iagree: Just do it! its easier to seek forgiveness then it is permission! Thats how I roll, 18 years together, 2 kids, and she hasnt left me yet! I will never drive anything else but a FORD van, I have had suv's, pick-ups, etc. and all brands, but I have always gone back to my FORD vans. Here's...
  19. Shlaytim

    Hood scoops for a van.

    Its funny you should ask. Living in Phoenix,Az rain is a rare thing, however it did rain last night while I was out and about. Went into a store -not raining, came out of store- absolute down poor. I popped the hood to see how much water was in the engine bay and honestly I had more water on me...
  20. Shlaytim

    Hood scoops for a van.

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Not easy at all, but he's in a much better place, and I will see him again someday! Hope to get some more stuff done to the van his weekend, time permitting.