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    2018 FWC Hawk

    Curious what yea get for gas mileage with camper on loaded for a trip?
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    2007 Tacoma & FWC Falcon - $48.5k OBO

    many chance of yea being in the west coast? Love to see this.
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    2007 Tacoma & FWC Falcon - $48.5k OBO

    Oh it work well with a brute force ear HC bumper I see. Very convincing.
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    Opus Fridge Freezer

    OEM, I have no clue who that would be. They don’t list anything on their website. I have heard good things about Secop/Danfoss
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    Opus Fridge Freezer

    I see Opus in getting into the frig game. I was curious if anyone here has one or have heard anything about them. The price seems reasonable. Curious to know what compressor they have them in. Limited time series: The portable compressor cooler and freezer engineered by OPUS Camper. The OPUS...
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    ARB Zero Fridge Freezer Portable Power Pack $200 - $200 off!

    how long would your frig run off of that on a full charge?
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    damn if this camper was for a DCSB i'd be on up north!
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    Is it a walk through cab or no?
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    AT Overland Habitat 6.5' Bed - SOLD

    Dude if that was for a short box taco I’d be at ur dooryard. I’m just 15mins west of pdx
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    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    What you guys all running for heaters in your AT toppers? Propex, Truma, Webasto, Mr Buddy or espar? I'm in the making of ordering a Atlas and I want a heater. Wanna know what has been tried and true and worked good for ya'll.
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    AT Altas Tacoma

    Looking at maybe gettin a AT Atlas for my 2nd gen tacoma. It’s a double cab short box. Haven’t seen maybe photos of the atlas in them. Was wondering if any of y’all got some for me to see? Appreciate it.
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    GONE-Vagabond Drifter/Nomad wedge truck camper build spot

    have to asked Phil or Iggy how far out the build is exactly? I know there out like maybe 2 yrs.....
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    5’ Bed Vagabond Drifter

    where in OR are yea?