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    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    back in the neighborhood. Sounds like a great trip
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    My Journey

    Shoot Jerry, I just missed you. I left Jackson yesterday to miss the snow going over Togwotee Pass today. Guess that was a non-event.
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    Wyoming Adventure fall run.

    We didn’t have any with ours, other than it is pretty rough.
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    Wyoming Adventure fall run.

    Double Cabin and Green River lakes are favorites. We just got back from an Idaho trip with nights at Grassy Lake and waking to snow on us at Togwotee pass
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    My Journey

    Jerry, If you haven’t read Ivan Doig, you may want to look him up. His books are about Montana and “This House of Sky” is about growing up in White Sulphur Springs. “Dancing at the Rascals Fair” and its sequels are some great fiction. Safe travels.
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    My Journey

    " HE STREAK !!!!!.....I'd be fibbing if I said that this didn't play a role in my decision making. When it comes to the streak, right or wrong, I'm a purist. Often I read blogs written by people that are staying with friends or relatives, staying in Airbnbs' or such places, and they go on & on...
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    Horrible reverberations between roof and RTT

    You may want to put this under RTT section, it may get more responses.
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    My Journey

    You are asking this of someone that has been living in a truck camper for the last 9 years?
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    Calling all suspension geeks.

    I went the cheap route on '01 F350 with a 10' Alaskan. I took a couple of hockey pucks on the overload mounts so that the overloads were in contact all the time. It seemed to work well when loaded, but would it about kill me if the camper was unloaded and I hit bumps. Basically, my springs were...
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    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    Supposedly they can because they are ASME bottles. But some of the people refilling them may not recognize that. I got them with my first Alaskan. 2 Alaskans later, I still haven't used them. They were originally to be mounted on the inside wall of the bed on each side of the wheel well.
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    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    Nailhead, I have 2 more of the horizontal propane tanks like yours. You can have them if you ever get up to Casper.
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    Need some help, thoughts and pointers.

    You are set! I just sold my 2001 F350 w/ a 7.3 a year ago. I hauled a 10' CO Alaskan on it. I found the 285/75-16 work real well. A lift wasn't needed. If I changed I would go to a 285/75 - 18. I am currently have '19 Ram 3500 with a 8' Alaskan. I think you will enjoy your rig. The only thing I...
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    My Journey

    Jerry, Those appear to be a canine print. If it is larger than Tanner's it probably is a wolf. It would be too large for fox or coyote. A mountain lion won't leave claw marks. A lion's are a more circular shape. Beautiful canyon. That is one of my favorite areas to visit. I did a full moon hike...
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    A new camper from Supertamp

    A new design. It will be interesting to see the inside also.
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    M105A2 Trailer Axle Swap

    You might try here it would be a more appropriate topic and get better response.
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    1-ton trucks, what tires do you have?

    You must be really excited!
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    Fuso FM260-Based Expedition Vehicle

    John, I was thinking of you, your rig and the other FM Darrin built, the other day and wondering what had happened to them. This follow up is great. I still love seeing these rigs. Thank you and take care.
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    1000 miles of History, Ghost Towns and Amazing Scenery.

    Basically they are digging their own pond as they are dredging. It really wasn't any bigger than what you see in the pictures, except the creek would be flowing around it providing the dredge with water to float it and wash the tailings.
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    My Journey

    Jerry, I remember starting the morning, by finding out I forgot to pack coffee. It was looking pretty grim, but you came to the rescue. It was a good trip after that. - Brad Brad
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    My Journey

    We spent a week at Half Moon Campground, just hiking and hanging out. I had been driving past the Crazy's for years and just decided it was time to go there. Other than some kids that came to party one night it was great and we plan on going back someday. Maybe we will check out the west side...