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    Blackstone 1666

    I thought I'd reply with a follow up. My fam bought me this, and we used it on a 10 day "touristy" trip to Michigan's upper peninsula. It is indeed a 22" dual burner flat top grill. It weighs a lot (32 pounds) and does tend to drink up the propane. They make an adapter hose long enough to...
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    AEV quits the JK

    Good to see someone who understands actual engineering and manufacturing practices. Any company spends $ on R&D to make a product. It is ridiculous to think they'll just shelve the product after a time for no reason. The longer it is kept on market, the more return on their R&D investment they...
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    The Most Highly Anticipated 50 Watt Radio is Now Available

    Question: Is there a way to integrate the radio into vehicle head units like UConnect? I'm envisioning being in the Bluetooth or AUX mode on my Jeep, and hearing the radio over the vehicle speakers. Added bonus for using the steering wheel "talk" button as a PTT. Is this even remotely possible?
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    Blackstone 1666

    Does anyone use this model? How has it held up? Have you found a hard case for it, such as a storage bin?
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    SOLD to a nice gent from Canada!

    I'm not interested in the rails but I do have to say awesome user name =) Also, from Brighton MI. =)
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    Hello all, The new wheels and tires are now on! Here's some info I couldn't find elsewhere: The AEV 2.5" lift lifted the front about 3.25" and back about 3". The BFG KO2 315/70R17 tires measure 33.5" high on the vehicle. Tire pressure @ 40 psi. On an unloaded Wrangler JKU. The BFG KO2...
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    OK folks, I did a bit of a change up and ordered the 315/70R17's. Yes, it'll be a bit lower off the go, but I decided that rather than save up for tires and regearing in the future, I might as well get what I want and regear when I save that. One step ahead. I'm not going to be towing until...
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    I got the AEV 2.5" lift kit installed on Friday last week, and had the opportunity to drive it 100 miles highway, about 2 miles dirt road, and about 200 yards offroad. It still has stock wheels and tires. Simply put: This lift kit turns the JKU into what it should have been from the start. The...
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    Yeah, sounds like we're going the same route here. I really like the AEV Severgne (spelling?) wheels so decided to tone down the tires and get better wheels too. All my research says the AEV is overpriced for what you get, but that it is a more complete lift system than some of the other...
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    Based on the replies here and a few other places, I think the wise bet right now is to go with the 285/70R17's for now. The $ I save on these over the 315's will help offset a better wheel choice, and when I tow the popup will work a bit better. I'll immediately start saving for regearing, then...
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    Good point. I have a ton of miles on her already so 'warranty' is somewhere in the rearview mirror. =)
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    You people just plain rock. Yes, I am getting the ProCal. I live in the gentle rolling meadows of Michigan. I will eventually be hauling an approx 2000 pound pop-up camper. I'm fairly sold on the BFG KO2 tires. They are a great balance of onroad and offroad. I'm not opposed to trimming...
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    Automatic. I'll look into those tires as well. Thanks!
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    Thank you! I do have 3:73. =) D
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    JKU Lift/Wheel/Tire combo Sanity Check

    Hello all, I'd like a sanity check on the following combination. Can I run this without issue? Vehicle: Jeep JKU 2015 3:73 gear Automatic trans Proposed Lift: AEV 2.5" with Geometry Correction Brackets Proposed Wheels: Ultra Type 164 17x9" Proposed Tires: BFG KO2 315/70R17 Purpose: Light...
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    Just Starting Out - Gear and Activity Review

    I'd say for kids that young, don't do too much distance in one day. For adults, the journey is part of the adventure. For kids, they can be far more destination oriented. Of course, you know what's best for your folks. =)
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    Need Advice for a DSLR camera for a travel blog

    Cheapest Canon or Nikon body (like a Rebel). A good wide angle lens. A good medium (normal lens) A good zoom (I like 70-200mm f/2.8) A very good tripod for long range shooting. Honestly, your $ should go into lenses, not the camera body. Most entry level ones will do nicely. Lenses add your...
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    Photography tips for beginners

    Ignore 99% of "You need to buy..." suggestions. Look at hundreds and thousands of professionally taken photos and figure out WHY you find them compelling. Subject matter, composition, etc. Determine WHY the photographer used that method as opposed to others. True story 1: A lady I know wanted...
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    What is your favorite belt?

    The Belt Man. These belts are incredibly durable. For the first month they'll feel like a cow based hoola hoop but once they conform to you, they are incredibly sturdy and durable. While I realize this is not necessarily a gun thread, I daily...
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    Just another teardrop build..

    Please, any updates? When I get to it, I had planned on going a similar route as this, but probably not a teardrop. The frame and suspension looks similar to what I had in mind though. I'm anxious to see more.