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    Wait times on retail trailers under current conditions.

    Who thinks the wait time on a retail built trailer will drop quite a bit after this Covid issue gets worked out? I would imagine there will be a lot of economic heartache after this ends and disposable income might drop for this type of purchase. It may be very bad for these small startup...
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    Anyone ever mount a weather station on their trailer?

    I think it would be a cool idea for those of us that live in coastal areas or other places that have constantly changing weather.
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    Colorado Teardrops

    Anybody own one? Opinions? I really like the Summit and Mount Massive Models.
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    Does anyone here pay to have electrical upgrages installed?

    I would like to upgrade the electrical on a future trailer to include things like converter/inverter, fuse block, battery monitoring systems and additional led's and other things. I do not have any electrical skills at all, and to be honest I am somewhat afraid to make a mistake. Does anyone...
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    List of all aluminum framed trailers

    I am looking to compile a list of all US made trailers that use an all aluminum frame and box frame. The ones I know of are WEEROLL, VRV, and Intech. Any others would be appreciated.
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    Aluminum Framed Trailer vs Wood

    I have searched extensively for alot of information on this but need some expert help. I am looking to buy a teardrop style trailer for surf fishing trips down the beach in South Texas. There are a bit off really bumpy sections for the first 6 miles so the trailer needs to be durable. One of...
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    Help with Electrical on trailer

    I am planning to purchase a new offroad trailer next year and am a real newbie when it comes to electrical. I plan to use the onboard A/C with a genny but also plan to have 160 watt solar panel which the trailer is pre-wired for(Zamp). As far as electrical use, it would mostly be charging...
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    Actual build cost vs markup on US built off road trailers/teardrops.

    I think the markup on all of these US made top of the line off road teardrop style trailers must be astronmical. Moby1 seems ridiculously priced, Blue Ridge BRX1 seems heavily priced as well, Oregon Trailer TerraDrop with no A/C goes down the same path. After doing quite a bit of research some...
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    Looking for new off road camper trailer

    I am doing research on buying a new offroad camper trailer and I have to say I am very excited. This will be used for driving down the beaches and camping while surf fishing in South Texas in the gulf. I have been looking at the VRV Flyer and the Expedition BRX1...