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    Sunglasses Help

    There was a review of inexpensive sunglasses in an Overland Journal issue that I can’t find. Searching has not turned anything up and I’m not even sure I have the printed copy anymore (don’t judge me, moving lost a lot!) Does anyone have the brand or the review handy?
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    Jeep Rover 110 7 passenger vehicle (JKUR+)

    I’m sold on the idea. Do it!
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    roll up canvas tops

    Softtopper is local to me and makes similar type tops
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    FOR SALE: Best Sidecar Rig, period

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    Waterless Engine Coolant

    Very true! When I spoke to Evans they also sell special water pumps and rad caps to make use of the product but they recommended against it for off road purposes. Keeping all the mechanical parts stock leaves you the option of running regular water/coolant in an emergency and that seems like a...
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    Waterless Engine Coolant

    Not to sound like a salesperson for Evans but I had discussions with them about all these points. Their explanation was this: Water is the best for transfer as we all know. The problem is local boiling or cavitation spots around the cylinders or heads that creat steam bubbles or gas which...
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    Waterless Engine Coolant

    Very true. The nice thing is since Evans isn't pressurized it's very easy to seal trail leaks with basic repair kits. I also put on gates power grip hose clamps which are heat shrink radiator clamps. Awesome setup so far and should last a long time
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    Waterless Engine Coolant

    I put it in my jeep a year ago and like it a lot so far. If you call/email they have been very responsive and helpful. The purpose of it is not to solve overheating. It's more of a consistency and long term maintenance product. There's no long any pressure in your system so hoses and such last...
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    Baking in a cast iron skillet

    Next up is clafoutis!
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    Baking in a cast iron skillet

    Here's our attempt! Thanks for the great ideas!
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    1978 K10 Suburban

    You have the same luck as my build! Keep it coming!
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    If Toyota made a DIESEL Tacoma for the US, would you?.....

    I researched this a while back. The mpg ratings for Europe do not transfer across nearly as impressive as they appear. Most are imperial gallons and the diesel fuel BTU per pound is not the same. They are still pretty awesome, but not life changing!
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    What other brands have a Surly Pugsly type bike

    Flounder, Thanks a lot for the detailed breakdown. I have recently been looking at these bikes and it isn't clear what the differences are in terms of best use such.
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Don't get me wrong, I love the KM2s on my jeep but they are not the best winter tires. I still drive all winter on them and it's decent enough but I would get ATs if I could have dedicated winter tires. You are making me want an FSJ!
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    I vote for the ATs - I have the KM2s and they are ok but not great for the weather.
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Good to see a nice old Jeep out enjoying some wheeling! Keep it up!
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    How would you outfit this custom LJ?

    That looks great!