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    2- 17" Jeep MOAB Wheels

    Two 17" Moab wheels. Great condition. One has a small curb rash- see pic. 265/70r17 michelins. One has 4/32 and the other has 5/32. Both treads are measured not a guess. Great trail spares. Would prefer to sell as a pair, but will entertain offers. I have the center caps to go with them also and...
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    SPEN Trailer Resto-Mod (warning- lots of pics)

    I'm dual posting here and in another place that is more about restoration. I have embarked on a restoriation- modification of an old SPEN trailer I picked up a year ago. Lots of rot. Lots of repairs needed. Lots of challenges. But I'm excited and doing all of the work myself. So in the...
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    help with wheels on trailer build

    been reading and getting inspired by some of the builds here. i am currently working on a restomod of a SPEN trailer. my question concerns the wheels. i plan to replace the axle with a new one from dexter and want to use 17" wheels off of a JK wrangler to match my jeep. the hubs on all of the...