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    New to me 2000 Toyota 4Runner 4wd (Manual) with a catch!

    SO, Sold a small 95 toyota pickup 4wd 5spd I got with a completely rusted out frame (I meticulously removed rust and repaired) for a well below market price today, and stumbled upon an awesome expedition vehicle to start my build. I got this for $1400. A running 3.4L v6 with 171k miles, a...
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    Starting my own Expedition Utility Build from Scratch

    Welp, new here, but not to forums. Hang out more on the FJ cruiser forums, but now that I am close to starting my build I wanted to post here! You guys are a great resource of information, and so please provide help as you see fit! I like when other people can tell me about their mistakes, so I...