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    Intech O-V-R

    Here's a new offering that just got announced. They didn't quite hit the mark I was hoping for but they could work many others. I rented an Intech Sol Horizon for a few days and it did seem like a solidly built trailer that didn't really feel cheap or flimsy anywhere...
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    SOLD! - Dethloff Mfg Contour RamBox Bed Rack for 6'4" bed

    Selling my Dethloff Mfg Contour RamBox Bed Rack off my 2016 Power Wagon. Fits the 6'4" bed. I have three cross bars. New these racks cost $2300 and only come with two cross bars. $1500 and you have to pick it up here in Tucson AZ. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
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    So I've been researching RTTs. Probably over analyzing at this point to be honest. How big of a deal is the difference between waterproof coating, like it seems the large majority use, and impregnated waterproofing? The only tent I have actually seen specifically state they use impregnated...