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    Fully-Built E350 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel Hightop Van, 142K mi

    That looks amazing. Sending you a pm. We're heading though PDX to the coast this weekend, hoping to check it out.
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    1989 VW LT 40 4x4 PRICE: $36,900

    Somewhat interested, what's the location? South Dakota? Ohio?
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    1971 VW Campmobile

    Great van. My Dad had one similar when we moved to Vashon in '89. If it were just a little faster girlfriend and I would be totally down.
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    1984 Unimog Expedition with Pop Top Quarters - Ebay

    I'm pretty sure I got stuck behind (and passed when the opportunity presented itself) this mog at the end of September when I drove through Yellowstone.
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    2002 Ford F-550 Lariat Crew Cab, 7.3L 150k! - $11000 Not mine, I considered it, but realistically have no need for some thing this big. I called and spoke to the owner, but didn't look at it. I was thinking, sell the bed and do a DIY Earthroamer. From the craigslist ad: "Hi, My name is Ryan...
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    G63 6x6

    From "" "Another significant change is the adoption of Mercedes-Benz's 7G-tronic seven-speed automatic transmission in place of the old NAG1 five-speed automatic transmission found on the army version. It...