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    Carrying extra gasoline with Outback and teardrop

    Hey all. We travel with an Outback XT and a “squaredrop” trailer (see pic). Not exactly overlanding but we do get off the beaten path regularly. We get less than 20 mpg with the trailer in tow, shrinking our range to around 260 mi or so. For an upcoming trip to Utah I’d like to carry and extra...
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    Best value these days: 4Runner or GX460?

    I’m driving a slightly modified Outback turbo, and I can’t shake the desire to get a more capable 4x4. Prices are crazy these days. Scanning vehicles available in the ballpark of $30k to maybe $40k, it seems like the GX is a better value. I’d have to make some mods (tires, wheels, skid plates)...
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    Help modifying my trailer, 12V, solar

    Hi all. We took delivery of a new teardrop this winter and I think I‘d like to modify how they have it wired. I opted for the most basic wiring the company offered because I just didn’t like the packages (or prices) of what they offered. Right now it’s set up with: - shore power connection...