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    Stoked about the new Gofast camper

    Same boat (truck) here. Can't wait for Expo West to see one in person. Any chance there will be an XL there as well? Mike
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    Overland expo

    We are also from San Diego and will be making the trip for the 4th time. I think the kids enjoy it more than I do. They really do put on a great program for kids and have some exciting things planned this year to take it to another level. Hope to see you there. Mike
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    For Sale - FLIPPAC for Full-size, regular bed, $2,500

    Is this for a 78” or 82” bed? I would be interested if for a 78”. Mike
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    Silnylon vehicle awning ideas for a lightweight compact flexible design

    I must have been inspried by this thread in the past and created a similar tarp system that clips on the buckles of my Softtopper top. I used this Aluminized nylon which seems to have some pretty decent heat rejection: I am...